Contemporary labor economics (7th ed )

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Contemporary Labor Economics, 7e presents the "new" labor economics. In the past, study of labor was highly descriptive, emphasizing historical developments, facts, institutions, and legal considerations. Labor markets and unemployment was accorded some attention, but the analysis was typically minimal. This state of affairs has changed significantly in recent decades. Economists have achieved important breakthroughs in studying labor markets and problems. Labor economics is increasingly an applied field of micro and macro theory and has become a critical part of the core of analytical economics. As a result, the focus of the text is on the 'new' labor economics. However, it also presents traditional topics such as labor law, structure of unions, and collective bargaining since these issues also play an important role in labor markets.
Chapter 1: Labor Economics Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: The Theory of Individual Labor Supply
Chapter 3: Population, Participation Rates and Hours of Work
Chapter 4: Labor Quality: Investing in Human Capital
Chapter 5: The Demand for Labor
Chapter 6: Wage Determination and the Allocation of Labor
Chapter 7: Alternative Pay Schemes and Labor Efficiency
Chapter 8: The Wage Structure
Chapter 9: Mobility, Migration and Efficiency
Chapter 10: Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining
Chapter 11: The Economic Impact of Unions
Chapter 12: Government and the Labor Market: Employment, Expenditures and Taxation
Chapter 13: Government and the Labor Market: Legislation and Regulation
Chapter 14: Labor Market Discrimination
Chapter 15: Job Search: External and Internal
Chapter 16: The Distribution of Personal Earnings
Chapter 17: Labor Productivity: Wages, Prices and Employment
Chapter 18: Employment and Unemployment