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Consumer behavior analysis (A) Rational Approach to Consumer Choice

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Hantula Donald A., Wells Victoria K.

Consumption is the primary economic activity in a post-industrial society. We are consumers, not producers. Consumer Behavior Analysis is leading heterodox marketing scholarship and innovative applied behavioral work, with much to offer both constituencies. These chapters show how Consumer Behavior Analysis fits within a larger-scale approach to Marketing, Consumer Psychology, Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management. Describing both theoretical analyses as well as empirical studies including laboratory experiments in e-commerce, in-store experiments in grocery shopping, and an analysis of the counterfeit goods market, this book is a working example of translational research. Marketing managers will find tools and studies to help understand contemporary consumer behavior. Scholars will appreciate the theory and real-world applications evident in each chapter when considering their own research direction. All students of marketing theory, behavior analysis, and consumer choice will find this collection a thought-provoking tool for further understanding of a new behavioral approach to marketing strategy, consumer decisions and marketing firms. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.
Preface Part I: Theoretical and Conceptual Advances in Consumer Behavior Analysis 1. Outside the Organization: The Analysis of Consumer Behavior Donald Hantula and Victoria K. Wells 2. Invitation to Consumer Behavior Analysis Gordon R. Foxall 3. Implications of Motivating Operations for the Functional Analysis of Consumer Choice Asle Fagerstrøm, Gordon R. Foxall and Erik Arntzen 4. On the Evolutionary Bases of Consumer Reinforcement Michael Nicholson and Sarah Hong Xiao Part II: Empirical Studies in Consumer Behavior Analysis 5. Substitutability and Independence: Matching Analyses of Brands and Products Gordon R. Foxall, Victoria K. Wells, Shing Wan Chang and Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro 6. Consumer Brand Choice: Money Allocation as a Function of Brand Reinforcing Attributes Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro, Gordon R. Foxall and Victoria K. Wells 7. Market Segmentation From a Behavioral Perspective Victoria K. Wells, Shing Wan Chang, Jorge Oliveira-Castro and John Pallister 8. The Motivating Effect of Antecedent Stimuli on the Web Shop: A Conjoint Analysis of the Impact of Antecedent Stimuli at the Point of Online Purchase Asle Fagerstrøm 9. The Effects of a Point-of-Purchase Display on Relative Sales: An In-Store Experimental Evaluation Valdimar Sigurdsson, Halldor Engilbertsson and Gordon Foxall 10. In-Store Experimental Approach to Pricing and Consumer Behavior Valdimar Sigurdsson, Gordon Foxall and Hugi Saevarsson 11. Trick or Treat? An Examination of Marketing Relationships in a Nondeceptive Counterfeit Market Sarah Hong Xiao and Michael Nicholson

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