Consumer behavior (7th ed )

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Consumer Behavior, 7/e by Peter and Olson provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform consumer analyses that can be used for understanding markets and developing effective marketing strategies. The authors have developed the Wheel of Consumer Analysis, which is a tool to help the reader understand how consumer affect and cognition, consumer behavior, consumer environment, and marketing strategy interact. The Wheel Model is a powerful tool for analyzing and understanding consumer behavior and can be used to guide the development of effective marketing strategies.
Section 1 A Perspective on Consumer Behavior Chapter 1 Introduction to Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy Chapter 2 A Framework for Consumer Analysis Section 2 Affect and Cognition and Marketing Strategy Chapter 3 Introduction to Affect and Cognition Chapter 4 Consumers' Product Knowledge and Involvement Chapter 5 Attention and Comprehension Chapter 6 Attitudes and Intentions Chapter 7 Consumer Decision Making Section 3 Behavior and Marketing Strategy Chapter 8 Introduction to Behavior Chapter 9 Conditioning and Learning Processes Chapter 10 Influencing Consumer Behaviors Section 4 The Environment and Marketing Strategy Chapter 11 Introduction to the Environment Chapter 12 Cultural and Cross-Cultural Influences Chapter 13 Subculture and Social Class Chapter 14 Reference Groups and Family Section 5 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy Chapter 15 Market Segmentation and Product Positioning Chapter 16 Consumer Behavior and Product Strategy Chapter 17 Consumer Behavior and Promotion Strategy Chapter 18 Consumer Behavior and Pricing Strategy Chapter 19 Consumer Behavior, Electronic Commerce, and Channel Strategy