Computing essentials 2005 complete edition with student cd (16th ed )

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Computing Essentials 2004 offers a unique, visual orientation that gives students a basic understanding of computing concepts. It is one of the few books on the market that is written by a professor who still teaches the course every semester and loves it. The book encourages active learning with its exercises, explorations, visual illustrations and inclusion of screen shots and numbered steps. While combining the active learning style with current topics and technology, this text provides an accurate snapshot of computing today. When bundled with software application lab manuals, students are given a complete representation of the fundamental issue surrounding the personal computing environment.
Chapter 1 Information Technology, the Internet, and You Chapter 2 Application Software Chapter 3 System Software Chapter 4 The System Unit Chapter 5 Input and Output Chapter 6 Secondary Storage Chapter 7 Connectivity, the Wireless Revolution, and Communications Chapter 8 The Internet, Web, and Electronic Commerce Chapter 9 Privacy, Security, Ergonomics, and the Environment Chapter 10 Multimedia, Web Authoring, and More Chapter 11 Databases Chapter 12 Information Systems Chapter 13 Systems Analysis and Design Chapter 14 Programming and Languages Chapter 15 Your Future and Information Technology