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Computer modeling of free surface and pressurized flows (proc. of the NATO adv study institute, Pullman, USA, July '93) (NATO, E-274), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994 Nato Science Series E: Series, Vol. 274

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Chaudhry M. Hanif, Mays L.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Computer modeling of free surface and pressurized flows (proc. of the NATO adv study institute, Pullman, USA, July '93) (NATO, E-274)
Computers are widely used for the analysis, design, and operation of water resource projects. This gives accurate results, allowing the analysis of complex systems which may not have been possible otherwise, and the investigation and comparison of several different alternatives in a short time, thereby reducing the project costs, optimizing design, and efficient utilization of resources. This volume compiles an edited version of the lecture notes specially prepared by 14 well-known European and North American researchers. Part I deals with free-surface flows. Governing equations are derived and their solution by the finite-difference, finite-element, and boundary-integral methods are discussed. Then, turbulence models, three-dimensional models, dam-break flow models, sediment transport models, and flood routing models are presented. Part II is related to the modeling of steady and transient pressurized flows. Governing equations for both single and two-component flows are derived and numerical methods for their solution are presented. The modeling of water quality in pipe networks, of cooling water systems, and slow and rapid transients is then discussed.
Preface. Part I: Free-Surface Flows. 1. Governing Equations for Free-Surface Flows, J.A. Liggett. 2. Finite-Difference Methods for Shallow-Water Flow Analysis, J.A. Liggett. 3. Computation of Flows with Shocks and Bore, M.H. Chaudhry. 4. Boundary Integral Equation Method for Free-Surface Flow Analysis, J.A. Liggett. 5. Finite-Element Methods for Free-Surface Flow, J.I. Finnie. 6. Application of Finite Element Models to Free-Surface Flows, R. Mayerle, A. Malcherek, W. Zielke. 7. Upwinding and Characteristics in FD and FE Methods, A. Malcherek, W. Zielke. 8. Introduction to Turbulence Models, J.I. Finnie. 9. Development and Application of a Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamical Model, B.H. Johnson, K.W. Kim, R.E. Heath, H.L. Butler. 10. Sediment Transport Models and their Testing, Y. Onishi. 11. Contaminant Transport Modeling in Surface Waters, Y. Onishi. 12. Modeling of Dam-Break Flow, A. Betãmio de Almeida, A. Bento Franco. 13. Flood Routing Models, R.K. Price. 14. Simulation of Urban Drainage Systems, R.K. Price. Part II: Pressurized Flows. 15. Derivation of One-Dimensional Conservation Equations of Pressure Transients, C.S. Martin. 16. Numerical Methods for Solution of Governing Equations, A.P. Boldy. 17. Methodologies for Reliability Analysis of Water Distribution Systems, L.W. Mays. 18. Pressure Wave Propagation in Two-Component Flow, C.S. Marin. 19. Development of Water Quality Models, R.M. Clark. 20. Applying Water Quality Models, R.M. Clark. 21. Slow Transients in Closed Conduit Flow, B.V. Rogalla, A. Wolters. 22. Modelling of Rapid Transients, A.P. Boldy. 23. Verification of Rapid Transient Models, A.P. Boldy. 24. Modeling of Complex Closed Conduit Systems. The Case of Cooling Water Systems, A. Betã,mio de Almeida, E. Koelle.

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