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Complete sea kayak touring

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Complete sea kayak touring
Acknowledgments Introduction
Part One Touring Equipment 1. The Kayak Choosing the Right Kind of Sea Kayak Single or Double?, Traditional or Sit-on-Top?, Rigid Hull or Folding? Choosing the Right Kayak Material Plastic, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Polycarbonate, Folding Kayaks, Inflatables Design, Dimensions, and Performance Length, Beam and Hull Shape, Volume, Color and Safety, Other Features Fit to Be Tried 2. Necessary Gear Don't Buy Retreads for the Porsche The Paddle Weight and Materials, One-Piece or Two?, Blade Width, Paddle Length, Feathering, Spares Spray Skirt Personal Flotation Device (PFD) PFD Fit and Features, Inflatable PFDs Bilge Pump Compass Waterproof Storage Dry Bags, Dry Boxes 3. Safety Gear Getting Serious About Safety Paddle Float Sea Wings and BackUp Floats Sea Socks Signaling Devices Mirrors, Strobes, Meteor Flares, Pains-Wessex Parachute Flare, Handheld Flares, Smoke Flares, Dye Markers, Distress Flags, Whistles and Air Horns Medical Kit Sea Anchors Tow Line Binoculars VHF Radios UHF-FM Radios EPIRB Barometer Anemometer Paddle Leash Knives 4. Clothing Beyond Fashion Types of Clothing for Cool- to Cold-Water Paddling Minimalist Protection, Thermal Stretch, Fabric, Wet Suit, Dry Suit, Gloves, Head Protection, Nose Clips, Footwear Hot-Weather Paddling Sunglasses
Part Two Techniques for Touring 5. Paddling Techniques for Touring Sea Kayaking with Sir Isaac Newton The Physics of a Loaded Kayak Efficient Strokes Maneuvering Using Rudders and Skegs, Turning, Draw Strokes Bracing Low Brace, High Brace, Sculling Brace Launching and Landing Calm Water, Launching and Landing Through Surf Paddling in Wind and Waves Headwinds, Downwind Paddling, Crosswinds, Downdrafts Kayak Sailing 6. Rescues and Recoveries What to Do After a Capsize The Bombproof Eskimo Roll The Screw Roll, The Pivot Roll Self-Rescues Reentry and Roll, Reentry and Roll with a Paddle Float, Paddle-Float Outrigger Reentry, Sea Wings and Other Float Rescues Surf-Zone Rescues Assisted Rescues Side-by-Side Rescue, All-In Rescues, Double-Kayak Rescues Questionable Rescue Techniques for Touring Towing After the Rescue Failed Rescues Stash an Itinerary 7. Seamanship Mastering the Elements Judgment, Caution, and Common Sense Tides Tidal Currents Waves Shipping Hazards Big Ships, Small Powerboats and Sailboats Weather 8. Navigation and Piloting It's Easier on the Coast Lines of Position How Compasses Work GPS Units Charts Crossings and Ferry Angles Leading Marks Other Navigation and Piloting Situations Night Paddling, Fog Applied Piloting and Seamanship A Coastal Journey
Part Three Camping Equipment and Techniques 9. Camping Gear A Home in Your Kayak Shelter Tents, Awnings Sleeping Comfort Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads Kitchen Equipment Stoves, Pots, Pans, and Accessories Camp Lighting Water Filters 10. Planning, Provisioning, and Packing When the Horizon Beckons Keeping One Foot on the Ground Planning Provisioning Gear and Food Lists Packing the Kayak How Not to Pack, First Things First: Safety, Minimizing Deck Clutter, Organizing, Packing Folding Kayaks, Using Wasted Space, A Deck-Mounted Survival Kit Extended Expeditions Companions, Medical Kits for Extended Expeditions, Provisioning for an Extended Expedition 11. Camping Roughing It in Style Choosing a Campsite Securing Gear Organizing Camp Cooking Hiking and Beachcombing Low-Impact Camping Camping Hazards Insects, Bears, Cougars, Other Camp Marauders, Venomous Animals, Stinging Insects
Part Four Transport, Maintenance, and Repair 12. Traveling with a Kayak Roof Racks Securing Kayaks on Roof Racks, Special Mounts Trailers Traveling by Air Ferries Security 13. Maintenance, Repair, and Modification Kayak Mechanic 101 A Comprehensive Repair Kit Field Repairs Leaks, Rudder Repairs, Paddles, Dry Bags Home Repairs and Maintenance Using Fiberglass, Gelcoat Patching, Maintenance Customizing Proper Gear Storage Boats, Accessories Appendix A: Resources Boat Manufacturers Paddling Equipment PFDs, Paddles, Spray Skirts Safety Equipment Clothing, Outerwear, and Footwear Accessories for Sea Kayaking Racks and Trailers Camping Equipment Manufacturers Boat, Accessories, and Resource Retailers by Mail and Internet Schools for Sea Kayaking and Wilderness Skills In Print Magazines, Books, Videos Weather Events and Symposia Organizations Sea Kayaking, Conservation On the Web Appendix B: Provisioning Lists Master List Paddling Gear, Safety Equipment, Navigation, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Medical Kit, Clothing, Miscellaneous, Tools and Spare Parts Appendix C: English and Metric Conversions Index

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