Complete idiot's guide to understanding buddhism

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Coverage includes: the teachings of Buddha-and how they have been adapted to different lands and cultures Buddhism in the West-Christian Buddhists and Zen Judaists basic Buddhism-the Three Jewels, the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and the Five Precepts meditation, customs, ceremonies, and events and Buddhist philosophies at home and at work, in relationships, and in the world at large


1.Why Is This Man Smiling?: The Buddha.

Are You Ready?: Waking Up to Yourself, Waking Up to Buddha. The Birth of a Quest. Setting Forth. After Enlightenment: Teach! Aspects of the Buddha.

2.One Taste, Different Flavors: The Teachings Adapt to Different Lands

The First Disciples: India. Wisdom of the Elders. Before the Internet: The Spice and Silk Routes. Leaving Home, Bound for the Center of the World. Smaller Gardens. At the Roof of the World. Modern Times.

3.What Might an American Buddha Look Like?

Preparing the Ground: Mulching the Cultural Soil. Seasons and Lunar Phases. Conducive for Growth. Gardeners in the Fields of the Buddha. Hot Buttons and Cool Breezes.

4.Different Travel Agents, Same Destination?: Interfaith.

Beyond Ideology: Buddhism Isn't Exclusive. Roots: Bringing It All Back Home. China's Version 1.0: Buddhism + Taoism. Conversions: Zen Judaists and Catholic. Buddhists. Make Room for Rumi: Other Creeds.


5.The Handshake: Buddhism's Basic Beliefs.

The Three Jewels. Safe Harbor: Taking Refuge. The Four Noble Truths. Theme and Variations.

6.Taking Steps: The Eightfold Path.

The Path.

7.The Art of Living: Cardinal Precepts.

To Not Kill: Reverence for Life. To Not Steal: Trustworthiness and Generosity. Sexual Respect: Respect, Intimacy, Trust, and Responsibility. To Not Lie: Deep Listening and Loving Speech. Mindful Consumption. Practicing the Precepts.

8.The Fine Print: Touching Deeper.

What Goes Around, Comes Around: Karma. This Is, Because That Is: Interbeing. It Was, but It Isn't Anymore: Impermanence. It Is and Isn't: Sunyata (Openness). You're You and You Aren't: Self and Nonself. You're IT: Nirvana NOW. Living It: Meditations in a Floating World.


9.Taking the Plunge: Beginning and Cultivating Your Practice.

Getting Started-and Keeping at It. There's No Time Like the Right Time. Buddha's in the House. Clean Socks and What Else?: Optional Gear. What's Missing?: Formal Practice. Big Flashing Road Sign: Right View.

10.Base Camp: Meditation Basics.

Here's Where It Sat: Posture. Why Not Breathe? You're Alive! Turning Off the Radio: Quieting the Mind. Each Step You Take on This Green Earth Brings Peace. First-Aid Kit for Beginners' Problems.

11.Look Within and Know: Insight Meditation (Vipassana).

Stopping and Seeing. Take Note! Material Meditations. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Impermanence Meditation. Medicine for a Healthy Heart: Friendliness (Metta).

12.See? Words Cannot Express: Zen.

Look, Where's Buddha? A Few Drops of Zen. Just Do It! Lineage: From the Buddha to You, with Love. Now Why Not You? Universal Participation: The Bodhisattva Vow. Tracks Along an Untrod Trail. Expressing the Inexpressible: Mondo and Koans.

13.Paths of Devotion and Transformation: Pure Land and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Say His Name and You'll Be Free. Do You Believe in Magic? The Rite Stuff. Open Secrets. The End of the Road.


14.Alone, Together: Buddhist Relationships.

But Would You Want Your Daughter Marrying Buddha?: Family Matters. If Emily Post Met the Buddha: Ethical Codes. Relations East and West. Marriage: How Would a Buddhist Wedding