Complete idiot's guide to theories of the universe

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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Theories of the Universe takes readers on an exotic journey through the religious, philosophical, and scientific theories of the nature and origin of our Universe. The book includes creation stories of the Near East, the ideas of Pythagoras and Plato, discussions of Creationism vs. Evolution, the Big Bang vs. Steady State Theory general relativity vs. quantum mechanics, the superstring theory, supersymmetry, and hidden dimensions, the accelerating universe and the Big Chill, and Eastern and Western views of how it's all going to end.


1.Once Upon a Time.

Cosmology, Cosmogony, and the Cosmos. Mesopotamia, or Where It All Began. The Magnificent Seven. Compass Headings and Complementary Opposites.

2.The Music of the Spheres.

The Essence of All Things. Numbers with Feelings. Harmonies of Heaven and Earth. The Rhythm of the Universe. The World Soul.

3.A Brief History of Esoteric Philosophy.

What Is Esoteric Philosophy? Hermes and the Hermits. Fruits of Knowledge. Why All of This Is So Important.

4.Transitions in Thinking.

Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures. Life in the Fast Lane. The Birth of the Renaissance Ideal. The Hermetic Revival


5.You Mean We're Not at the Center of the Universe?

What You See Is What You Get. Walk Like an Egyptian. The Copernican Revolution. Galileo Scopes It Out. Kepler's Contributions.

6.The Scientific Revolution.

What You See Isn't Necessarily What You Get. Systems of Science. Pass the Bacon, Francis. Descartes's Dualism. Lost Along the Way.

7.Cosmology in the Age of Enlightenment.

What Is Enlightenment? Whose Science Is Whose? Science Is King. The Word of God. Half and Half. The Science of Alchemy.

8.Physics 101.

Honey, I Shrunk the Universe! Can't Forget About Math. You're Getting Warmer. The Dynamics of Electromagnetism. Light, Lenses, and Optics. Just a Little Bit of Chemistry. The Attraction of Gravity.


9.Evolution vs. Creationism.

Is Truth in the Eye of the Beholder? How Did We Get Here? And God Said. To Believe or Not To Believe, That Is the Question.

10.The Dual Nature of Light.

Waves of Light. You Can't See It, but It Has to Be There. Waves Come in All Shapes and Sizes. A Little Bit of Quanta Goes a Long Way. Our Journey So Far.

11.Cracks in a Newtonian World.

The Clock Breaks! Hot Things Glow. Faster Than a Speeding Light Wave. It All Depends on Your Position. Sometimes Relativity Is Absolute.

12.The Relative Nature of Space and Time.

It's About Time. How Can You Be in Two Places at Once? Keeping Track of Time. The Faster You Go, the Shorter You Get.


13.Famous Equations and Pools of Jell-O.

The Conversion of Energy. Recapping Relativity. Thank God, the Ground Broke My Fall! Curved Space.

14.That Old Quantum Theory.

Founding Fathers Quantum Leaps. Planck's Constant. Photoelectric Effect Explained, the Quantum Strikes Again. Bohr's Atomic Theory.

15.Chunks of Uncertainty.

Waves of Matter. More Wave Mechanics. Born of Probability. Probability Leads to Uncertainty. They're Complementary After All. Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen.

16.Forces, Particles, and Some Cosmological Glue.

An Atomic Review. The Fundamental Forces of Nature. Cosmic Rays, Greek Particles, and Accelerators. The Particle Zoo. The Last Train to Quarkville.

17.Scientific Origins of the Universe.

The Cosmological Pendulum. Bang That Drum. A Big Bang Alternative. Microwaves to the Rescue.


18.The Accelerating Universe.

It's Bigger Than We Thought. Plasma Cosmology. The Standard Model. The Alpha and the Omega. It's Out of Control.

19.Supersymmetry, Superpartners, and Superman.

The First Three Minut