Complete idiot's guide to surviving peer pressure for teens

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This title will cover topics including: if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow them? (Yes, all parents say that, not just yours!) cliques and conformists, Simons and followers - what's a teen to do? coming of age in the new millennium, and why your parents really can't know what it's like high school hierarchy and looking cool-my cell phone's smaller than your cell phone! walking on the wild side at home and at school-when the pressure's on to do things you know are wrong being popular for all the wrong reasons-drinking, drugs, and disillusionment the last virgin in high school-everyone else is doing it, aren't they? and letting the air out of peer pressure-standing your ground while keeping your cool.


1.Teens, Tension, and Turmoil.

What Is Peer Pressure Anyway? Stressed Out. Is This Peer Pressure, or Am I Dreaming? It Doesn't End at 20, So Deal with It.

2.Raging Hormones and Blossoming Bodies: Growing Up and Growing Out.

Welcome to the Teen Years. Physical Headlines. Emotional Scoop. Friendship's Not That Simple Anymore. Parents Just Don't Understand.


3.Judging a Book by Its Cover.

Body Battles and Hairy Situations. My Cell Phone's Smaller Than Your Cell Phone.

Following Fads.
What You See Isn't Always What You Get.
4.High School Hierarchy.

Membership Has Its Privileges. The Popularity Circus. Not Always Status Quo. The One-Man Show.


5.Do Unto Others.

Teasing. Have You Heard. What's Everyone Whispering About? Ostracizing and Hazing. You Could Be Next. Victim or Villain.

6.Rebel Yell.

When Mom and Dad Become Them. Disrespectin' the Pack. Lying to the Folks. Breaking House Rules. Cutting Loose at School. Teacher Torture. Cheating Yourself Out of a Good Education.

7.Getting It On or Putting It Off Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.

The Dating Game. Let's Get Physical. Every Reason but the Right One. Dealing with the ConSEXquences. So You've Decided to Do It.

8.Drinking, Drugs, and Disillusionment.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Tell Us Something We Don't Know. Why Would You Start? What's Your Poison? A Step in the Wrong Direction. There's No Such Thing as a Free High.


9.Standing Your Ground While Keeping Your Cool.

Knowing Your Limits. Steering Clear. Tactics, Excuses, and Lies: The Trilogy. Showing Your Strength.

10.A Gentle Push in the Right Direction.

Healthy Competition. A Guiding Light. The Need to Succeed. Golden Friends Are Priceless.

11.Expert Advice: Getting It, Giving It, and Coming Out on Top Talking Your Troubles Away. Teens Helping Teens. Setting an Example. Keeping It in Perspective.