Color in interior design

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A guide to the use of colour in professional interior design. The book aims to make specifying colour schemes of interiors easier, and provides explanations of colour physics, colour harmonies, analogous schemes, complementary schemes and fuctional schemes.
Introduction. Color in Interior Design. Human Vision. Systematic Study of Color. Additive and Subtractive Color. Abstract Color Charts. Color Schemes Developed According to the Theory of Color Harmony. Color Schemes Developed Through Practice. Translation of Color Charts Into Realization in Actual Materials. Analysis of Color Schemes Illustrated in Photographs. Psychological Implications of Color in Interiors. Theory and Custom in the Use of Color in Various Functional Spaces. Color in Historic and Traditional Interiors. Methods of Work. Color Problems. Special Situations (Open Interiors, Projected Light, Variable Interior Functions, Other Art Displayed in Interiors). Examples of Interiors from Well Known Designers. Portfolio of Examples of Color Charts Suitable to a Wide Variety of Interior Spaces.