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College writing skills with student cd, user's guide and olc (6th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage College writing skills with student cd, user's guide and olc (6th ed )
Highly regarded and used by countless students, this effective rhetoric/handbook is ideal for writing courses that focus on the essay. The sixth edition features Langan's renowned clear writing style and a wide range of writing assignments and activities that reinforce the four essentials of good writing: unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. College Writing Skills comes packaged with a free student CD-ROM, a free registration card for access to the Online Learning Center, and a free user's guide to help students gain the maximum benefit from the text and electronic materials. 'I long ago lost count of the number of instructors who have told me that the four bases really work. When you explain the four bases to students and make the bases really clear with a lot of activities, students get it.' - John Langan.
PART ONE: ESSAY WRITING (-Indicates New Reading) CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to Writing Point and Support Structure of the Traditional Essay Benefits of Writing the Traditional Essay Writing as a Skill Writing as a Process of Discovery Writing as a Way to Communicate with Others Keeping a Journal Using a Computer Review Activities Using This Text CHAPTER 2: The Writing Process Prewriting Writing a First Draft Revision Editing Review Activities CHAPTER 3: The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing Step 1: Begin with a Point, or Thesis Step 2: Support the Thesis with Specific Evidence Practice in Advancing and Supporting a Thesis CHAPTER 4: The Third Step in Essay Writing Step3: Organize and Connect the Specific Evidence Introductions, Conclusions, and Titles Practice in Organizing and Connecting Specific Evidence CHAPTER 5: The Fourth Step in Essay Writing Revising Sentences Editing Sentences Practice in Revising Sentences CHAPTER 6: Four Bases for Revising Essays Base 1: Unity Base 2: Support Base 3: Coherence Base 4: Sentence Skills Practice in Using the Four Bases PART TWO: PATTERNS OF ESSAY DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER 7: Introduction To Essay Development CHAPTER 8: Description Reading: Lou's Place, Beth Johnson CHAPTER 9: Narration Reading: The Yellow Ribbon, Pete Hamill CHAPTER 10: Examples Reading: Dad, Andrew H. Malcolm CHAPTER 11: Process Reading: How to Do Well On A Job Interview, Glenda Davis CHAPTER 12: Cause and Effect -Reading: Taming the Anger Monster, Anne Davidson CHAPTER 13: Comparison and Contrast -Reading: Born to Be Different? Camille Lewis CHAPTER 14: Definition Reading: Television Addiction, Marie Winn CHAPTER 15: Division and Classification Reading: Wait Divisions, Tom Bodett CHAPTER 16: Argumentation Reading: Ban The Things. Ban Them All., Molly Ivins PART THREE: SPECIAL SKILLS CHAPTER 17: Taking Essay Exams CHAPTER 18: Writing a Summary CHAPTER 19: Writing a Report CHAPTER 20: Writing a Résumé and Job Application Letter CHAPTER 21: Using the Library and the Internet CHAPTER 22: Writing a Research Paper PART FOUR: HANDBOOK OF SENTENCE SKILLS GRAMMAR CHAPTER 23: Subjects and Verbs CHAPTER 24: Fragments CHAPTER 25: Run-ons CHAPTER 26: Regular and Irregular Verbs CHAPTER 27: Subject-Verb Agreement CHAPTER 28: Additional Information about Verbs CHAPTER 29: Pronoun Agreement and Reference CHAPTER 30: Pronoun Types CHAPTER 31: Adjectives and Adverbs CHAPTER 32: Misplaced Modifiers CHAPTER 33: Dangling Modifiers MECHANICS CHAPTER 34: Manuscript Form CHAPTER 35: Capital Letters CHAPTER 36: Numbers and Abbreviations PUNCTUATION CHAPTER 37: Apostrophe CHAPTER 38: Quotation Marks CHAPTER 39: Comma CHAPTER 40: Other Punctuation Marks WORD USE CHAPTER 41: Spelling Improvement CHAPTER 42: Commonly Confused Words CHAPTER 43: Effective Word Choice CHAPTER 44: Editing Tests CHAPTER 45: ESL Pointers

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