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Clinical Investigations in Gastroenterology, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Clinical Investigations in Gastroenterology
This book is a completely up-to-date review of the basic tests available in gastroenterology. It is based on a detailed critical analysis of recently described procedures and the review of more traditional methods; each is as­ signed its correct place in the modern management of patients. Emphasis is placed on those techniques with which the authors have practical experience. The most useful investigations are indicated in the table of contents by heavy type. Comprehensive references are included to provide information about the selection, performance and interpretation of tests. The book is designed for trainees and clinicians without special expertise in gastroenterology, as well as being a shelf manual for the gastroenterologist and the staff of gastrointestinal investigation units. Special thanks are due to the nursing staff of the Day Ward, Bishop Auck­ land General Hospital; Mr P. Grencis, Medical Photographer; Dr S. Desai, Radiologist; and Amanda Gallagher who typed the manuscript. Malcolm C. Bateson Ian A. D. Bouchier 1988 xu CHAPTER 1 Intubation The passage of various forms of nasogastric, duodenal and intestinal tubes is basic to many of the diagnostic procedures performed in the gastrointestinal system. Method Whenever possible the patient's fullest co-operation should be obtained. If the patient is taking any drugs which might influence the test to be under­ taken these should be discontinued.
1. Intubation.- Method.- Tubes.- Complications.- 2. Upper digestive endoscopy.- Instruments.- Procedure.- Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.- Cleansing.- Prophylaxis of S.A.B.E..- 3. Gastrointestinal bleeding.- Occult blood tests.- Chemical tests.- Tests for dietary iron.- 99mtechnetium tests.- Radiochromate-labelled erythrocytes.- Radiology.- Endoscopy.- Gastrointestintal bleeding in liver disease.- 4. Oesophagus.- Oesophageal acid perfusion test.- Oesophagoscopy.- Histology.- Radiology.- Manometry.- Reflux studies.- Isotope swallow.- 5. Stomach and duodenum.- Gastric emptying.- Isotope tests.- Radiology.- Ultrasonography.- Dye dilution.- Gastric acid secretion.- Short pentagastrin test.- Basal acid secretion.- Acid output after surgery.- Insulin test.- Deoxy-D-glucose test.- Pre- and post-operative pentagastrin stimulation.- Sham-feeding test of gastric secretion.- Radiotelemetry.- Intravenous 99mtechnetium.- Serum gastrin.- Serum pepsinogen.- Other gastric secretions.- Pepsin.- B12 urinary excretion (Schilling) test.- Other tests.- Serum B12.- Gastric antibodies.- Gastric cytology.- Fluorescence cytology.- Gastric biopsy.- Radiology.- Campylobacter-like organisms.- 6. Absorption.- Fats and related substances.- Triolein breath test.- Faecal fat excretion.- Prothrombin time.- Serum vitamin D.- Vitamin A absorption.- Oxalate loading test.- Bile acid malabsorption.- Monosaccharides.- Xylose excretion.- Oral glucose tolerance.- Disaccharide absorption.- Lactose tolerance test.- Intestinal disaccharidase activity.- Other tests.- Hydrogen breath test.- Haematinics.- Vitamin B12.- Folic acid absorption.- Iron absorption.- Rare disorders of absorption.- Dibasic aminoacids.- Tryptophan.- Methionine.- 7. Small intestine.- Intestinal biopsy.- Endoscopic forceps biopsy.- Crosby-Kugler capsule.- Rubin suction biopsy tube.- Interpretation.- Radiology.- Small bowel enema.- Radioisotope studies.- 67Gallium.- Leukocytes.- Sucralfate.- Protein loss.- 51Chromic chloride.- Radioiodinated serum protein.- Alpha-1-antitrypsin clearance.- Intestinal bacteria.- Intubation.- 14C-glychocholate acid breath test.- Urinary indican.- Breath hydrogen.- Biopsy.- Intestinal motility and manometry.- Markers.- Crohn’s disease.- Metabolic disorders.- Carcinoid syndrome.- Phaemochromocytoma.- Porphyria.- Lead intoxication.- Immunology.- Food allergy and intolerance.- 8. Colon and rectum.- Rectal examination.- Anoscopy (proctoscopy).- Proctosigmoidoscopy.- Flexible sigmoidoscopy.- Rectal biopsy.- Radiology.- Arteriography.- Colonoscopy.- Manometry.- Immunology.- Inflammatory bowel disease.- Carcinoembryonic antigen.- Amoebiasis.- 9. Stool examination and microbiology.- Macroscopic appearance.- Protozoa and helminths.- Bacteria.- Viruses.- 10. Pancreas.- Ultrasonography.- Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.- Computed tomography.- Angiography.- Other radiology.- Peritoneoscopy.- Cytology.- Hormonal tests of pancreatic exocrine function.- Secretin test.- Augmented secretin test.- Continuous secretin infusion.- Lundh test.- Tubeless oral pancreatic function tests.- Bentiromide 14C-PABA test.- Fluorescein dilaurate test.- Alternatives.- Oral glucose tolerance test.- Digestive enzymes outside the gut.- Serum amylase.- Urinary amylase.- Amylase in other fluids.- Serum lipase.- Serum trypsin.- Other blood tests.- Stool examination.- Macroscopic and microscopic examination.- Stool trypsin.- Sweat electrolytes.- Pilocarpine iontophoresis.- Skin chloride assay.- Gut endocrinology.- Insulinoma.- Gastrinoma (Zollinger-Ellison syndrome).- Glucagonoma.- Vipoma (WDHA ir Verner-Morrison syndrome).- Pancreatic cancer.- 11. Liver biochemistry.- Blood and urine tests.- Serum bilirubin.- Urine bilirubin.- Urine urobilinogen.- Serum enzymes.- Proteins.- Albumin.- Globulins.- Immunoglobulins.- Other tests.- Coagulation tests.- Blood ammonia.- Bile acids.- Lipids.- Others.- Alcoholic liver disease.- Immunology.- Tumour antigens.- Tissue antibodies.- Viral liver disease.- Kinetic tests.- Bromsulphthalein retention.- Indocyanine green clearance.- Aminopyrine breath test.- Ammonia tolerance test.- Protein load test.- Electroencephalography.- Gilbert’s syndrome — reduced calorie intake test.- Idiopathic haemochromatosis.- Wilson’s disease (hepatolenticular degeneration).- Hyatid disease.- 12. Liver biopsy.- Preparation.- Procedure.- Aftercare.- Complications.- Indications.- Contradictions.- Interpretation.- Liver aspiration.- 13. Liver imaging and manometry.- Ultrasonic scanning.- Isotope scanning.- Radiology.- Plain abdominal X-ray.- Barium studies.- Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography.- Computed tomography.- Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.- Arteriography.- Diagnosis of cholestasis.- Portal manometry and splenoportography.- Portography.- Scintisplenoportography.- Hepatic venography.- 14. Gallbladder and bile ducts.- Plain abdominal radiograph.- Oral cholecystography.- Ultrasonography.- Iodine cholangiography.- Bile duct ultrasound.- Computed tomography.- Isotope scanning.- Operative and post-operative cholangiography.- Biliary physiology.- Bacteriology.- 15. Ascites and the peritoneum.- Abdominal paracentesis.- Diagnostic paracentesis in the acute abdomen.- Chylous ascites.- Peritoneal biopsy.- Peritoneoscopy.- Further reading.
Malcolm Bateson is a medical graduate of Birmingham University. After hospital posts in London and Cambridge he went to Dundee, first as a Research Fellow then as a Lecturer in Medicine.
He has been a Consultant Physician and Specialist in Gastroenterology in County Durham since 1981. He is actively associated with research in bile acids and Helicobacter pylori. Ian Bouchier is a medical graduate of Capetown University. In the course of a distinguished medical career he was Reader in Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.
He is currently Professor of Medicine in Edinburgh. He is a world expert in gastroenterology. He is a prolific author and editor, and has produced several standard medical reference textbooks.

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