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Climate Change Vulnerability in Southern African Cities, 2014 Building Knowledge for Adaptation Springer Climate Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Macchi Silvia, Tiepolo Maurizio

Couverture de l’ouvrage Climate Change Vulnerability in Southern African Cities
In recent decades, extreme rains and drought have struck urban regions in Africa like never before. Nevertheless, limited information is available on which to base development of early warning systems, identification of high-risk zones, and formulation of local action plans. This book is about how to build the knowledge necessary for planning adaptation to climate change in Sub-Saharan cities. It brings together lessons learned from international development actions conducted by a number of scholars in disciplines ranging from meteorology and hydrogeology to urban planning and environmental management. Selected methods to assess the impacts of extreme weather and ecological stress are presented along with possible approaches to improve the adaptive capacity of Sub-Saharan cities through institutional measures at the local government level. The book is addressed to graduate students, researchers, and practitioners interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in order to integrate climate change into applied research and development projects in urban Africa.
Adaptation to Incremental Climate Stress in Urban Regions.- Managing the Risks of Weather Extreme Events in Cities.- A case study.- Climate Change Impact and Institutional Response Capacity.- Climate Change Effect on Seawater Intrusion: Developing Exposure Scenarios for Vulnerability Assessment.- Urban Sprawl Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change.- Linking Adaptive Capacity and Peri-Urban Features.- Mainstreaming Adaptation into Urban Development and Environmental Management Planning.- Knowledge Sharing on Climate Change: a Resource for Adaptation Process.- A Case Study.- Climate Change Hazards Identification.- Impact of Ocean Dynamics, Climate Change and Human Pressure.- Hazard Prone Areas to Heavy Rains.- Flood Risk due to Heavy Rains and Sea Level Raise.- Ongoing and Future Adaptation Measures to Flood.- A Complementary Study.- Linking Vulnerability and Change.

Maurizio Tiepolo is an Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. His skills range from climate change risk mapping in urban and rural areas, regional development planning, monitoring and evaluation of local development plans, local taxation assessment and informal settlement regularization. Since 2003, he has designed and executed 10 development assistance projects for various multi or bilateral and decentralized organizations in Congo, Ecuador, Macedonia, Mozambique, Niger and Senegal.

Silvia Macchi is an Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and has extensive experience in environmental and gender analysis of spatial planning and urban policies. Her long-standing research and practice in local and participatory sustainable development forms the basis of her current work on planning local initiatives for adaptation to climate change in Sub-Saharan cities.

Offers methods for the spatial analysis of climate change vulnerability in southern African cities

Presents case studies specific to both extreme weather and ecological stress

Identifies knowledge frameworks to support decision-making in urban adaptation to climate change

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Ouvrage de 246 p.

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