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Citizenship in nordic welfare states: dynamics of choice, duties and participation in a changing europe Dynamics of Choice, Duties and Participation In a Changing Europe routledge advances in european Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Hvinden Bjørn, Johansson Håkan

This book offers an innovative analysis of the ways in which the relationship between citizens and welfare states - social citizenship - becomes more dynamic and multifaceted as a result of Europeanization and individualization.

Written by interdisciplinary contributors from politics, sociology, law and philosophy, it examines the transformation of social citizenship through a series of illuminating case studies, comparing Nordic countries and other European nations.

Dealing with the following areas of national and European welfare policy, legislation and practice:

  • activation ? reforms linking income maintenance and employment promotion
  • scope for participation of marginal groups in deliberation and decision-making
  • impact of human rights legislation for welfare and legal protection against discrimination and social barriers to equal market participation
  • coordination of social security systems to facilitate cross-border mobility in Europe
  • pension reform ? efforts to make pension systems sustainable.

Citizenship in Nordic Welfare States will be of interest to students and researchers of social policy, comparative welfare, social law, political science, sociology and European studies.

Part 1: Citizenship in Contemporary Welfare States – Issues and Perspectives  1. Opening Citizenship: Why Do We Need a New Understanding of Social Citizenship?  2. From Active States to Active Citizenship? The Impact of Economic Openness and Transnational Governance  3. What Do We Mean by Active Citizenship?  Part 2: Towards a New Balance of Rights and Duties – Activation Reform  4. Nordic Activation Reforms in a European Context: A Distinct Universalistic Model?  5. Individualizing Welfare Provision: The Integrated Approach of the Finnish Activation Reform  6. The Challenges of Decentralized Delivery of Services: The Scope for Active Citizenship in Swedish and Norwegian Activation Policies  Part 3: The Increased Scope for Participation and Inclusion of Marginal Groups  7. Claiming Participation Rights: Social Mobilization and Citizenship in Denmark and Norway  8. Capabilities and Participation: Russian Women Immigrants in North Norway  9. Europeanization ‘From Below’: The OMC Process on Social Inclusion in the Swedish Welfare State  Part 4: Marketization of Citizenship? Choice, Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights  10. Contrasting Legal Concepts of Active Citizenship: Europe and the Nordic Countries  11. Membership and Migration: Market Citizenship or European Citizenship?  12. Double Discrimination: Human Rights and Immigrant Women in Denmark within the Context of the Nordic Legal Tradition  13. From Disabling Barriers to Participation: The Opportunities Created by the EU Equality Strategy  14. Enlarging Freedom of Choice: Pension Reforms in the Nordic Countries and Germany  15. Conclusions: Remaking Social Citizenship in Nordic Welfare States

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