Chemistry in context with olc bi-card (5th ed )

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Following in the tradition of the first four editions, the goal of this market leading textbook, Chemistry in Context, fifth edition, is to establish chemical principles on a need-to-know basis within a contextual framework of significant social, political, economic and ethical issues. The non traditional approach of Chemistry in Context reflect today's technological issues and the chemistry principles imbedded within them. Global warming, alternate fuels, nutrition, and genetic engineering are examples of issues that are covered in CIC
The Air We Breathe Protecting the Ozone Layer The Chemistry of Global Warming Energy, Chemistry, and Society The Water We Drink Neutralizing the Threat of Acid Rain The Fires of Nuclear Fission Energy from Electron Transfer The World of Plastics and Polymers Manipulating Molecules and Designing Drugs Nutrition: Food for Thought Genetic Engineering and the Chemistry of Heredity Measure for Measure: Conversion Factors and Constants The Power of Exponents Clearing the Logjam Answers to Your Turn Questions Not Answered in the Text Answers to Selected End-of-Chapter Questions