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Change or Continuity in Drug Policy The Roles of Science, Media, and Interest Groups Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Change or Continuity in Drug Policy

While evidence-based policy is an emerging rhetoric of the desire by and for governments to develop policies based on the best available evidence, drug policy is an area where particular challenges abound. This book is a detailed and comprehensive examination of the contours of drug policy development through the consideration of the particular roles of science, media, and interest groups. Using Belgium as the primary case-study, supplemented by insights gathered from other countries, the author contributes to a richer understanding of the science-policy nexus in the messy, real-world complexities of drug policy. Change or Continuity in Drug Policy: The Roles of Science, Media, and Interest Groups is the first book to bring together policy and media theories, knowledge utilisation models, and public scholarship literature. As such, the book provides unique insights relevant to aspects of change or continuity in drug policies in Europe and beyond.

This book will be of great value to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to academics, practitioners and policymakers with interest in the science-policy nexus with a particular focus on the drug policy domain.



1. Introduction

2. The Science–Policy Nexus: From Knowledge Utilisation Models to the Evidence Movement

3. Analysing Drug Policy: Documents, Elites, and Related Challenges

4. Incremental Steps in the Opening of a Policy Window

5. Parliamentary Working Group on Drugs: 1996-1997

6. Turbulent Intermezzo: 1997-2000

7. The First National Drug Strategy: Federal Drug Policy Note (2001)

8. The Reform of Belgian Drug Law: 2002-2003

9. Concluding Thoughts


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