Case studies for teacher problem solv.

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This book of 37 problem-solving case studies in Education can be used either as a core text for instructors who teach by the case study method or as a supplementary text for instructors who want to supplement their instruction at either the undergraduate or graduate level. The book's sections correspond to core courses in the teacher education curriculum.

A problem-solving case is a story based on an actual situation, but a story without an end-a story that leaves the student-reader puzzling over what to do. Problem-solving cases can be short and simple or rich in detail and multi-layered in problems, but they share the distinction of being based on reality and of ending with a problem or dilemma to solve. Their goal is to encourage student-generated analysis.

Part 1: Six Classroom Management Cases
Part 2: Six Teaching and Learning Cases
Part 3: Six Student Diversity Cases
Part 4: Five Classroom Assessment and Evaluation Cases
Part 5: Five Mainstreaming Cases
Part 6: Five Student-Teaching Issues Cases
Part 7: Four Contemporary Teaching Issues Cases