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Cardio-Oncology Principles, Prevention and Management

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Cardio-Oncology

Cardio-Oncology: Principles, Prevention and Management is a clinical volume that focuses on the basic science of cardio-oncology, addresses cardiotoxicity as a consequence of cancer therapy, and discusses prevention, diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease in patients with cancer.

This comprehensive volume presents unique perspectives ranging from basic science to clinical medicine in the field of cardio-oncology.  It would be a valuable resource for cardiologists, oncologists, internists, and pediatricians caring for patients with cancer who have cardiovascular risk factors, as well as for cardio-oncology researchers.

  • Covers basic science of cardio-oncology to provide readers with the necessary background
  • Addresses cardiotoxicity related to current cancer therapeutic modalities
  • Discusses diagnostic and management approaches of patients with underlying cardiac risk factors as well as otherwise healthy cancer patients

Basic Concepts 1. Current trends in cancer therapy Monica Mita 2. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity:Challenges in Cardio-Oncology Lorrie Kirshenbaum 3. Chemotherapy and cardiovascular biology Paul A. Cahill 4. Anthracyclines Edward T H Yeh and Rohit Moudgil 5. Kinase inhibitors, ErbBs, VEGF Antonio Russo

Recognition and Management 6. Role of novel imaging techniques in detection of chemotoxicity: cardiac MRI and nuclear Louise Elizabeth Jane Thomson 7. Role of biomarkers in detecting cardiotoxicity (highly sensitive troponin, BNP) Daniela Cardinale 8. Ischemic heart disease as a consequence of cancer therapy Joseph Carver 9. Radiation and vascular complications (thrombosis, carotid atherosclerosis for head/neck cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma) [include valve and pericardium] Stephen Shiao 10. Identification of at-risk patients and comorbidities that increase risk Tochukwu Okwuosa 11. Special considerations in pediatric patients and survivors of childhood cancer Steven Lipshultz and Vivian Franco 12. Special considerations of pre-mature menopause in women as a consequence of chemotherapy Chrisandra Shufelt 13. Cancer and Exercise Ahmed Al Badri 14. Statin usage in cardio-oncology patients Susmita Parashar 15. Coordinating cardio-oncology care Susan Dent 16. Role of coronary calcium, hs-CRP, ABI Janet Wei 17. Hypertension and cancer Antoine Hage 18. Pulmonary Hypertension and Cancer Antoine Hage 19. Detection of Cardiotoxicity by Echocardiography Stamatios Lerakis 20. Cancer fatigue/chemo brain, rehabilitation and quality of life Arash Asher

Managing the patient in advanced HF 21. Management of advanced HF and transplant considerations in cancer patients Michele A. Hamilton 22. Heart transplant and LVADs in cancer survivors (role of immunosuppression in transplant patients) Michelle M. Kittleson 23. QT prolongation, EP Devices to support the failing heart (ICDs, BiVs, Pacemakers) Mikhael El-Chami

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