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Canadian organizational behaviour (5th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Canadian organizational behaviour (5th ed )
Welcome to the new era of organizational behaviour! Virtual teams are replacing committees. Values and self-leadership are replacing command-and-control supervision. Knowledge is replacing infrastructure. Companies are looking for employees with emotional intelligence, not just technical smarts. Globalization has become the mantra of corporate survival. Co-workers aren't down the hall, they're at the other end of an Internet connection located somewhere else on the planet.

Canadian Organizational Behaviour, Fifth edition, is written in the context of these emerging workplace realities. This edition explains how emotions guide employee motivation, attitudes and decisions, how values have become the new resource to shape workplace behaviour, how a person's social identity relates to team dynamics, stereotyping, and organizational culture, and how appreciative inquiry has become one of the most important strategies in organizational change. This book also presents the new reality that organizational behaviour is not just for managers, it is relevant and useful to anyone who works in and around organizations.

This book is filled with real-life examples to make OB concepts more meaningful and reflect the relevance and excitement of this field.

PART 1: Introduction

1 Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behaviour

PART 2: Individual Behaviour and Processes

2 Individual Behaviour, Values, and Personality

3 Perception and Learning in Organizations

4 Workplace Emotions and Attitudes

5 Motivation in the Workplace

6 Applied Performance Practices

7 Work-Related Stress and Stress Management

PART 3: Team Processes

8 Foundations of Team Dynamics

9 Developing High Performance Teams

10 Decision Making and Creativity

11 Communicating in Teams and Organizations

12 Power and Influence in the Workplace

13 Conflict and Negotiation in the Workplace

14 Leadership in Organizational Settings

PART 4: Organizational Processes

15 Organizational Structure and Design

16 Organizational Culture

17 Organizational Change

Additional Cases

Appendix A: Theory Building and Systematic Research Methods

Appendix B: Scoring Keys for Self-Assessment Exercises



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