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Canadian income taxation (8th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Canadian income taxation (8th ed )
Canadian Income Taxation, Planning and Decision Making is a textbook for the student in taxation as well as for the intelligent layperson and business executive. It develops the fundamental principles of the Canadian income tax laws and examines their effect on business decision-making and financial planning. This text is fully referenced by footnotes to the Income Tax Act and Interpretation Bulletins providing a strong link to specific tax laws - without disturbing reading flow and comprehension.
Part 1: Introduction: A Management Approach to Taxation Chapter 1: Taxation - Management's Forgotten Responsibility Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Tax Planning Part 2: An Overview of Income Determination and Tax for the Two Primary Entities Chapter 3: Liability for Tax and Income Determination Chapter 4: Income from Employment Chapter 5: Income from Business Chapter 6: The Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of Depreciable Property Chapter 7: Income from Property Chapter 8: Gains and Losses on the Disposition of Capital Property - Capital Gains Chapter 9: Other Income, Other Deductions, and Special Rules for Completing Net Income for Tax Purposes Chapter 10: Individuals: Determination of Taxable Income and Taxes Payable Chapter 11: Corporations - An Introduction Part 3: The Corporate Structure Chapter 12: Organization, Capital Structures, and Income Distributions of Corporations Chapter 13: The Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation Chapter 14: Multiple Corporations and Their Reorganization Part 4: Other Forms of Business Organization Chapter 15: Partnerships Chapter 16: Limited Partnerships and Joint Ventures Part 5: Selected Topics Chapter 17: Business Acquisitions and Divestitures - Assets versus Shares Chapter 18: Business Acquisitions and Divestitures - Tax-Deferred Sales Chapter 19: Business Valuations Chapter 20: Domestic and International Business Expansion Chapter 21: Tax Aspects of Corporate Financing Chapter 22: Employee Compensation Appendix: Administration of the Income Tax System

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