Calculus and analytic geometry (5th ed '92) paper

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A revision of McGraw-Hill's leading calculus text for the 3-semester sequence taken primarily by math, engineering, and science majors. The revision is substantial and has been influenced by students, instructors in physics, engineering, and mathematics, and participants in the national debate on the future of calculus. Revision focused on these key areas: Upgrading graphics and design, expanding range of problem sets, increasing motivation, strengthening multi-variable chapters, and building a stronger support package.
1. An Overview of Calculus. 2. Functions, Limits, and Continuity. 3. The Derivative. 4. Applications of the Derivative. 5. The Definite Integral. 6. Topics in Differential Calculus. 7. Computing Antiderivatives. 8. Applications of the Definite Integral. 9. Plane Curves and Polar Coordinates. 10. Series. 11. Power Series and Complex Numbers. 12. Vectors. 13. The Derivative of a Vector Function. 14. Partial Derivatives. 15. Definite Integrals over Plane and Solid Regions. 16. Green's Theorem. 17. The Divergence Theorem and Stokes' Theorem. Appendices: A. Real Numbers. B. Graphs and Lines. C. Topics in Algebra. D. Exponents. E. Mathematical Induction. F. The Converse of a Statement. G. Conic Sections. H. Logarithms and Exponentials Defined through Calculus. I. The Taylor Series for f(x,y). J. Theory of Limits. K. The Interchange of Limits. L. The Jacobian. M. Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients.