Cable television handbook : systems and operations

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The Cable Technology Sourcebook for the 21st Century "A very useful reference work ... excellent technical overview." Society of Cable Television Engineers Magazine (from a review of the first edition) If you want to get on top of the powerful new technologies and challenges that are transforming the cable landscape, you can't find a better platform than this updated, expanded guide. Gene Bartlett's respected Cable Television Technology and Operations launched engineers, technicians, and managers with hands-on solutions to practical problems on the job. Now completely updated as the Cable Television Handbook, this guide provides the new answers you need today plus solutions to problems coming down the pike.
-Find all the answers you need in the only full-service reference on the complete spectrum of modern cable topics
-Get clear coverage of new FCC regulations
-Solve wide-ranging technical and operational problems
-Apply operational tips for better service and lower costs
-Calculate answers quickly with easy-to-follow worked examples
-Install and service new types of cables, wiring, hubs, and transmission and control methods
-Understand signal sources
-Perform tests and measurements