C is for control

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Especially designed for those with minimal C/C++ knowledge, this unique and practical book covers the use of C for controlling external devices and focuses on C's applications and on interfacing the computer to the outside world. This helpful reference can be used with any computer or microcontroller and with nearly any C/C++ compiler even public domain compilers such as small C. KEY TOPICS: Discusses proper program organization and explores the concept of a program monitoring and controlling events external to the computer. Addresses the need for hardware and software compatability. Shows how basic components such as displays, keypads, sensors, and motors can be interfaced to a computer. Develops simple systems that demonstrate concepts and perform interesting tasks. MARKET: For readers interested in learning about C, one of the most versatile and powerful computer languages ever written.
Part 1: GETTING STARTED.. Exercise 1. Program Construction. Exercise 2. Introduction to Ports. Exercise 3. Creating Sounds. Exercise 4. Interfacing a 7-Segment LED. Part 2: INTERFACING DISPLAYS., KEYPADS, SENSORS, AND MOTORS. Exercise 5. Multiplexing 7-Segment LEDs. Exercise 6. Matrix Keypads. Exercise 7. Liquid Crystal Displays. Exercise 8. Digital to Analog Conversion. Exercise 9. Analog to Digital Conversion. Exercise 10. DC Motor Speed Control. Exercise 11. Controlling Stepper Motor. Part 3: INTRODUCTION TO SYSTEMS.. Exercise 12. DC Motor Position Control. Exercise 13. Intercomputer Communication. Exercise 14. An LCD Numeric Line Editor. Exercise 15. Displaying Text on an Oscilloscope. Exercise 16. Understanding DRAM Operation. Exercise 17. Controlling Multiple Motors. Exercise 18. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement. Part 4: SUGGESTIONS FOR PROJECTS.. Project 1. An Elevator System. Project 2. Determiners Colors. Project 3. A Light-Seeking Sensor. Project 4. A Line-Following Robot. Project 5. Satellite Positioning. Project 6. Audio Capture/Edit/Playback. Project 7. A Simple Logic Analyzer. Project 8. A Plotting Arm. Project 9. Scrolling Signs. Project 10. Using Servometers. Project 11. Simulations. Appendix: Review of C. Index.