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Business statistics in practice with revised student cd-rom (3rd ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Business statistics in practice with revised student cd-rom (3rd ed )
The new edition of Business Statistics in Practice delivers clear and understandable explanations of business statistics concepts through the use of continuing case studies and examples. These cases and examples show real applications of statistics relevant to today's business students. The authors motivate students by showing persuasively how the use of statistical techniques in support of business decision-making helps to improve business processes. A variety of computer-based examples and exercises, unparalleled internet coverage, and a robust, technology-based ancillary package are designed to help students master their subject. Acknowledging the importance of spreadsheets and statistical softwawre in their statistical instruction, the authors continue to integrate Excel and Minitab output throughout the text. In addition, a new enhanced version of MegaStat, an Excel add-in program designed to optimize Excel for statistical application, is available free on the student CD. For students and instructors who want to explore statistical concepts from a graphical perspective, Visual Statistics is again available on the student CD. Icons in the text margins identify areas that are further explored and enhanced through the use of Visual Statistics.
1.An Introduction to Business Statistics 2.Descriptive Statistics 3.Probability 4.Discrete Random Variables 5.Continuous Random Variables 6.Sampling Distributions 7.Confidence Intervals 8.Hypothesis Testing 9.Statistical Inferences Based on Two Samples 10. Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance 11. Simple Linear Regression Analysis 12. Multiple Regression and Model Building 13. Time Series Forecasting 14. Process Improvement Using Control Charts 15. Nonparametric Methods 16. Chi-Square Tests 17. Decision Theory Appendix A: Statistical Tables Appendix B: Counting Rules Appendix C: The Hypergeometric Distribution Appendix D: Properties of the Mean and the Variance of a Random Variable, and the Covariance Between Two Random Variables Appendix E: Derivations of the Mean and the Variance of the Sample Mean and of the Mean and the Variance of the Sample Proportion Appendix F: Cluster Sampling and Ratios Estimation

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