Business marketing (3rd ed )

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Business Marketing, 3/e by Bingham, Gomes, and Knowles provides students with the practical foundation they will need to become successful business marketers. By addressing real issues that face business-to-business (B2B) marketers as well as the newest developments and insights into this rapidly changing field, the authors provide a practical introduction to this important marketing area. Business Marketing focuses on general business marketing, e-commerce/internet marketing, and business ethics. The new edition features a wealth of pedagogical aids which add structure and depth to the learning process. From end-of-chapter reviews of the Concept Questions and Chapter Cases, to the real-world profiles found in the Business Marketing in Action, Strategy at Work, and What Would You Do? boxes, the 3rd Edition of Business Marketing actively involves students in the real world of business marketing.
Part 1: The Business Marketing Environment Chapter 1: Introduction to the Business Marketing Environment Chapter 2: Ethical Considerations in Business to Business Marketing Chapter 3: Professional Selling and Sales Management Chapter 4: The Organizational Buying Process Part 2: Research Analysis and Strategic Planning Chapter 5: Marketing Research and Information Systems Chapter 6: Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Demand Projection Chapter 7: New Product Development, Management, and Strategy Chapter 8: Price Planning and Strategy Part 3: Communication and Delivery Chapter 9: Promotional Strategy Chapter 10: Business Marketing Channel Participants Chapter 11: Supply Chain Management and Logistics Part 4: International Applications Chapter 12: International Business Marketing