Business driven technology with misource 2005

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BDT takes a business-first approach, helping instructors improve their students' perception of the value of IS within the business discipline. This perspective allows instructors to more easily demonstrate how technology and systems support business performance and growth. The adaptive chapter/plug-in organization allows the instructor to adjust content according to their business or technical preferences.
Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Achieving Business Success Through Information Technology Chapter One: Business Driven Technology Overview Chapter Two: Identifying Competitive Advantages Chapter Three: Strategic Initiatives for Implementing Competitive Advantages Chapter Four: Measuring Success of Strategic Initiatives Chapter Five: Organizational Structures that Support Strategic Initiatives
Unit 2: Managing Information for Business Initiatives Chapter Six: Valuing Organizational Information Chapter Seven: Storing Organizational Information - Databases Chapter Eight: Viewing and Protecting Organizational Information
Unit 3: Enhancing Business Decisions Chapter Nine: Enabling the Organization - Decision Making Chapter Ten: Extending the Organization - Supply Chain Management Chapter Eleven: Building a Customer-Centric Organization - Customer Relationship Management Chapter Twelve: Integrating the Organization from End-to-End - Enterprise Resource Planning
Unit 4: Creating Collaborative Partnerships in Business Chapter Thirteen: Creating Collaborative Partnerships Through e-Business Chapter Fourteen: Enhancing Collaborative Partnerships Chapter Fifteen: Outsourcing Collaborative Partnerships Chapter Sixteen: Integrating Collaborative Partnerships
Unit 5: Transforming Organizations Chapter Seventeen: Fostering An Innovative Organization Chapter Eighteen: Creating a Wireless Organization Chapter Nineteen: Building Software to Support an Agile Organization Chapter Twenty: Developing a 21st Century Organization Business Plug-ins: B1 - Information Security B2 - Ethics B3 - Supply Chain Management B4 - Customer Relationship Management B5 - Enterprise Resource Planning B6 - Strategic Outsourcing B7 - e-Business Models B8 - Emerging Trends and Technologies B9 - Systems Development B10 - Project Management Technical Plug-in: T1 - Hardware and Software T2 - Networks and Telecommunications T3 - Decision-Analysis Tools in Excel T4 - Designing Database Applications T5 - Touring Access T6 - Object Oriented Technologies T7 - Valuing Technologies