Business and society: stakeholders, ethics, public policy (11th ed )

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Business and Society: Stakeholder Relations, Ethics and Public Policy by Lawrence/Weber/Post, has continued through several successive author teams to be the market-leader in its field. For over thirty years, Business and Society has been updated and reinvented in response to society's relationship to business. Business and Society, 11e highlights why government regulation is sometimes required as well as new models of business-community collaboration. Business and Society, 11e is a book with a point of view. Lawrence, Weber and Post believe that businesses have social (as well as economic) responsibilities to society, that business and government both have important roles to play in the modern economy, and that ethics and integrity are essential to personal fulfillment and to business success. The book is designed to be easily modularized, an instructor who wishes to focus on a particular portion of the material may select individual chapters or cases to be packaged in a Primis custom product.
THE CORPORATION IN SOCIETY Ch 1: The Corporation and Its Stakeholders Ch 2: Public Affairs Management BUSINESS AND THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT Ch 3: Corporate Social Responsibility Ch 4: Corporate Citizenship BUSINESS AND THE ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT Ch 5: Ethical Issues in Business Ch 6: Ethical Reasoning and Corporate Programs BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT IN A GLOBAL SOCIETY Ch 7: The Challenges of Globalization Ch 8: Business-Government Relations Ch 9: Influencing the Political Environment Ch 10: Antitrust, Mergers, and Competition Policy THE CORPORATION AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Ch 11: Ecology and Sustainable Development Ch 12: Managing Environmental Issues BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE Ch 13: Technology: An Economic-Social Force Ch 14: Managing Technological Challenges BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH STAKEHOLDERS Ch 15: Stockholder Rights and Corporate Governance Ch 16: Consumer Protection Ch 17: The Community and the Corporation Ch 18: Employees and the Corporation Ch 19: Managing a Diverse Workforce Ch 20: Business and the Media