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British national party: contemporary perspectives (paperback) Contemporary Perspectives

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Copsey Nigel, Macklin Graham

This book examines the recent development of the far right in Britain with a particular focus on the British National Party (BNP) the most electorally successful far right party in British history. It brings fresh perspectives to our understanding of the BNP in order to make a significant contribution to scholarly debate on the nature of far right extremism both nationally and internationally. The book is significantly different from other literature in the field primarily because of its focus on three important yet underdeveloped themes, which are reflected in the structure of the book itself. These are the ideological and cultural politics of contemporary far right responses to the BNP international perspectives on the contemporary far right milieu Written by an outstanding line-up of renowned experts in this field, this is essential reading for all those with an interest in British politics, fascism, political parties, race relations and extremism.
Introduction Nigel Copsey and Graham Macklin Part One: The Cultural and Ideological Politics of the BNP 1. Modernising the past for the future Graham Macklin 2. The 'post-nationalism' of the BNP Roger Eatwell 3. Multiculturalism and the sub-cultural politics of the BNP James Rhodes 4. Exploring pathways toward participation in the contemporary extreme right: the case of Britain Matthew Goodwin Part Two: Responses to the BNP 5. The oxygen of publicity? Newspaper coverage of the BNP 1999-2007 Richard Anderson and Mark Baimbridge 6. Ambivalent admiration: the response of other extreme right groups to the rise of the BNP Steven Woodbridge 7. The BNP and the anti-fascist movement: from direct action to community action Nigel Copsey 8. The BNP in local government: support for the far right or for community politics? Karin Bottom and Colin Copus Part Three: International Perspectives on the BNP 9. Assessing the political influence of anti-immigrant parties: the BNP in comparative European perspective Anthony Messina 10. Alien Influence: contextualising the 'modernised' BNP Roger Griffin 11. Comparative local case studies in an international context: The BNP and the NPD Fabian Virchow Conclusion. Nigel Copsey and Graham Macklin

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