Benchmarking for best practices : winning through innovative adaptation

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Introduction & Overview. Creating the Culture. Benchmarking and the 21st Century Organization. In Search of Best Practices. Conducting and Managing the Benchmarking Project. The Benchmarking Process Described: 9-Step Process. Determining What to Benchmark in Your Company: Where Do I Think I Need the Most Improvement? Where am I the Farthest From Total Customer Satisfaction? What Process Improvements Offer High Potential Rewards but Require Relatively Low Resource Investments? Where Lie Obvious Improvement Opportunities? What Aspect of My Organization Produces the Highest Per
Unit Defects? Where Does Waiting Occur? Where Do Bottlenecks Exist That Back Up Work in Process? Where Do Hidden Factories Exist That Create Redundancy or Rework? Where Could Redesigning the Process Improve Speed, Accuracy, Reliability, etc. ? Where is No Value Added to the End Product or Service? Avoid Industrial Tourism: Understand Your Own Process First. Determining Who You Should Benchmark Against. Collecting Data & What to Do with It: Information Gathering Hierarchy Different Levels of Information Gathering and Resource Intensity. Short Discussion of Each Step of the 9-Step Process, Selecting, Motivating and Managing the Benchmarking Team. Communicating Effectively. Selling the Benchmarking Project Within Your Organization. Posititioning Benchmarking in the Organization. Gold in the Ground: Developing Internal Best Practices. Benchmarking in Other Countries. Summing Up.