Basic statistics for business and economics, canadian edition

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Welcome to First Canadian Edition of Basic Statistics for Business and Economics! As the name implies, the objective of this textbook is to provide Canadian business students majoring in economics, finance, marketing, accounting, management, and other fields of business administration, with an introductory survey of the many business applications of descriptive and inferential statistics.

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics introduces students to essential business applications, while maintaining a student oriented environment learning environment. Examples and problems are designed to teach the basics while remaing relevant to the real world.

Chapter 1. What is Statistics?

Chapter 2. Describing Data: Frequency Distributions

Chapter 3. Describing Data: Numerical Measures

Chapter 4. A survey of Probability Concepts

Chapter 5. Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter 6. The Normal Probability Distribution

Chapter 7. Sampling Methods and the Central Limit Theorem

Chapter 8. Estimation and Confidence Intervals

Chapter 9. One-Sample Tests of a Hypothesis

Chapter 10. Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis

Chapter 11. Analysis of Variance

Chapter 12. Linear Regression and Correlation

Chapter 13. Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis

Chapter 14. Chi-Square Applications for Nominal Data

Chapter 15. Index Numbers

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Chapter 16. Time Series Forecasting

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Chapter 17. An Introduction to Decision Theory

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