Basic concepts in neuroscience: a student's survival guide

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-A new book in the Basic Concepts series
-Explains the fundamental principles of neuroscience and helps students organize and condense the material they need to study
-Level of the material progressively builds from simple to complex, enabling mastery of concepts
-Content is presented in simple, jargon-free language
-Critical need-to-know information is highlights in boxes
-Numerous tables and charts help compare and contrast key information
1. Anatomy of the Nervous System. 2. Cell Biology of the Nervous System. 3. Nervous System Cell Biology. 4. Neuronal Signaling. 5. Synaptic Transmission. 6. Neurotransmitters. 7. Sensory Signals. 8. Neural Control of Motor Activities. 9. Control of Rhythmic Activity. 10. Cortical Control of Movement. 11. Motion and Motivation: The Nigrostriatal and Limbic Systems. 12. Neuroplasticity: The Visual Cortex. 13. Memory Mechanisms. 14. Cognition. 15. Sleep and Wakefulness. 16. Viral Effects on the Nervous System.