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Upon publication, this text will be the most up-to-date auditing text on the market. It's been written so that it is current with all issues inherent in accounting and auditing practice, particularly in public accounting firms including coverage of the creation of the Public Companies Accounting Oversight Board, the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and all of the major pronouncements and exposure drafts issued by the AICPA through Summer 2003. It's also a leader in fraud coverage and is accompanied by the Apollo Shoes Casebook, the only standalone FRAUD audit case on the market (available online on the text website). The text is also designed to provide flexibility for instructors, the twelve chapters focus on the Auditing Process while the eight modules provide additional topics that can be taught at the instructors' discretion without interrupting the flow of the text.
Chapter 1: Auditing and Assurance Services Chapter 2: Professional Standards Chapter 3: Management Fraud and Audit Risk Chapter 4: Engagement Planning Chapter 5: Internal Control Evaluation: Assessing Control Risk Chapter 6: Employee Fraud and the Audit of Cash Chapter 7: Revenue and Collection Cycle Chapter 8: Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle Chapter 9: Production and Payroll Cycle Chapter 10: Finance and Investment Cycle Chapter 11: Completing the Audit Chapter 12: Reports on Audited Financial Statements