Astronomy adventur

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Through enjoyable, age-appropriate, indoor and outdoor activities for grades K-8, kids will witness the birth and death of a "Astro Match" and "Solar Scramble"...learn to recognize the great moments in space history...make a sundial watch...examine the discoveries and problems of the space program...draw a time line through space...and even join scientists in the search for extraterrestrials! On this fantastic voyage, youngsters will deepen their relationship with space, gain valuable scientific inquiry skills, and be inspired to reach for the stars. A volume in the newly revised NatureScope¨ education series of creative, activities-centered resource books, dedicated to inspiring in children an understanding and appreciation of the natural world, while developing the skills they will need to make responsible decisions about the environment.
A Look at the Universe. Our Solar System. Our View from Earth. Astronomy Through the Ages. Reaching for the Stars. Crafty Corner.