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Artifacts, representations and social pr actice, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994 Essays for Marx Wartofsky Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science Series, Vol. 154

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Gould C., Cohen Robert S.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Artifacts, representations and social pr actice
These essays by his friends, students, colleagues, and admirers honor Marx Wartofsky on his 65th birthday by their humane and rigorous investigations of themes from his own broad range of interests. Art and science, ethics and history, from the great Enlightenment through the 19th century to our time of failed hopes and ironic successes, and especially human self-understanding through praxis, Wartofsky's joys, sorrows, curiosity and intelligence find their reflections in these insightful and original contributions. The authors include Joseph Agassi, Andrew Buchwalter, Peter Caws, Robert S. Cohen, William Earle, Bernard Elevitch, Paul Feyerabend, Roger S. Gottlieb, Carol C. Gould, Hilde Hein, Jaakko Hintikka, Gregg Horowitz, Michael Kelly, Peter Kivy, Erazim Kohak, Douglas Lackey, Berel Lang, Isaac Levi, Joseph Margolis, Gyorgy Markus, Alasdair MacIntyre, William McBride, Thomas McCarthy, Joëlle Proust, Roshdi Rashed, Cheyney Ryan, Abner Shimony, Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Lorenzo Simpson, Gary Smith, John Stachel, and Willis Truitt.
Preface, C.C. Gould. Marxology, R.S. Cohen. Art: Institutional Blessing: the Museum as Canon-Maker, H. Hein. `Suddenly One Has the Right Eyes': Illusion and Iconoclasm in the Early Gombrich, G. Horowitz. Danto, Dutton, and our Pre-Understanding of Tribal Art and Artifacts, M.Kelly. In Defense of Musical Representation: Music, Representation and the Hybrid Arts, P. Kivy. Two Vignettes in the History of the Mensuration of Value, D. Lackey. Irony, Ltd., and the Future of Art, B. Lang. A Genealogy of `Aura': Walter Benjamin's Idea of Beauty, G. Smith. Science: Analysis and Synthesis According to Ibn al-Haytham, R. Rashed. Changes in the Concepts of Space and Time Brought about by Relativity, J. Stachel. Philosophy and Its History: Hegel and the Doctrine of Expressivism, A. Buchwalter. Translating Feuerbach, P. Caws. Is the Enlightenment Over? W.J. Earle. Realism, P. Feyerabend. An Anatomy of Wittgenstein's Picture Theory, J. Hintikka. Rationality and Commitment, I. Levi. The Theses on Feuerbach: a Road not Taken, A. MacIntyre. Donald Davidson's Philosophical Strategies, J. Margolis. Time and Conscious Experience, J. Proust. Ten Philosophical Poems, A. Shimony. Politics and Praxis: The Philosophy of Optimism and Pessimism, J. Agassi. Life is not a Poem? B. Elevitch. Levinas, Feminism, Holocaust, Ecocide, R.S. Gottlieb. Marx after Marxism, C.C. Gould. The Good and the Rational, E. Kohák. The End of a Metaphor: the Base and the Superstructure, G. Markus. The Marxian Vision of a (Better) Possible Future: End of a Grand Illusion? W. McBride. On the Communicative Dimension of Social Practice, T. McCarthy. The Bread of Faithful Speech, C. Ryan. Unsafe at Any Depth: Geological Methods, Subjective Judgments, and Nuclear Waste Disposal, K. Shrader-Frechette. Community and Difference: Reflections in the Wake of Rodney King, L.C. Simpson. Partisanship, Universalism, and the Dialectics of Moral Consciousness, W.H. Truitt.

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