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Archaeological remote sensing

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Archaeological data recovery and analysis can very usefully be performed by remote sensing. These methods are powerful and relatively inexpensive. This is the sole book which presents current techniques and research in these methods in a way useful for students of remote sensing, geography and archaeology. Technical aspects of remote sensing are covered in general, and the text concentrates on applications and results. It surveys the development of archaeological remote sensing from early aerial photography through to high resolution satellite imagery, and then details the various methods currently available, extensively illustrated with examples of practical applications as case studies.
Introduction. Background to Theory of Remote Sensing: Aerial/Space/Bround-Based. General Applications to Archaeology. Historical Development. Early Aerial Photography: Balloons, Early Plane Images, 1850-1960. Development of Remote Sensing Methodologies 1960-2001+. Digital Technology and Various Types of Sensor. Aerial Photography. Nature of the Archaeological Evidence: Cropmarks, Earthworks etc. Identification of Archaeological Features in Aerial Imagery. Use of Oblique, Vertical, Pan v Colour, Infra-red. Case Studies. Airborne Multispectral Scanning. Theory of Multispectral Imaging. Types of Equipment Required for Data Capture. Data Processing. Identification of Archaeological Features. Case Studies. Thermal Line Scanning. Theory of Thermal Ground Emission. Types of Equipment Required for Data Capture. Data Processing. Identification of Archaeological Features. Case Studies. Satellite Imagery. Availability of Data: Resolutions, Coverage, Limitations. Use of Low and High Resolution Data, CORONA, IKONOS, Russian Camera Data. Data Processing. Case Studies. Radar Imagery from Space. Availability of Data: Resolutions, Coverage, Limitations, Applications. Data Processing. Case Studies. Ground-Based Remote Sensing. Principles of the Archaeology of Buildings and Monuments from the Ground. Methodology, Theory, Equipment. Identification of Archaeological Features. Case Studies. Image Processing. Techniques Available and Software. Application to Archaeological Data. Index. Photography. Airborne Multispectral Scanning. Thermal Line Scanning. Satellite Imagery. Radar Imagery from Space. Ground-Based Remote Sensing. Image Processing. Index.
Remote sensing, GIS, signal and image processing, communications, geotechnical, and geological engineers, researchers, and students, and archaeology students, researchers, and professionals.

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