Applied mathematics for business, economics and the social sciences, 4th ed ISE

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Offering treatment of selected topics in finite maths and calculus, this edition continues to provide an informal presentation of the mathematical principles, techniques and applications most useful to students in business, economics and the life and social sciences.
CHAPTER 1: Some Preliminaries.
Part ONE: EQUATIONS AND FUNCTIONS. CHAPTER 2: Linear Equations. CHAPTER 3: Systems of Linear Equations. CHAPTER 4: Functions and Graphs. CHAPTER 5: Linear Functions and Applications. CHAPTER 6: Quadratic and Polynomial Functions. CHAPTER 7: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
Part TWO: FINITE MATHEMATICS. CHAPTER 8: Mathematics of Finance. CHAPTER 9: Matrix Algebra. CHAPTER 10. Linear Programming: An Introduction. CHAPTER 11. The Simplex Method. CHAPTER 12. Transportation and Assignment Models. CHAPTER 13. Introduction to Probability Theory. CHAPTER 14. Probability Distributions. CHAPTER 15. Differentiation. CHAPTER 16. Optimization: Methodology and Applications. CHAPTER 17. Integral Calculus: An Introduction. CHAPTER 18. Integral Calculus: Applications. CHAPTER 19. Optimization: Functions of Several Variables. Appendix : A Review of Algebra.