Applications programming in ANSI C (3rd ed' 96) paper

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This edition does not assume programming knowledge and includes an introductory chapter on computer systems and program development. New advanced topics chapters on object-oriented programming, C++, and data structures. Trademark features include thorough and accurate coverage of difficult topics such as pointers and excellent learning aids such as sections on common programming errors.
(NOTE: Each chapter ends with common programming errors and programming exercises). Computer Systems and Program Development Introduction to C Variables, Operators, and Control Flow More Operators and Control Flow Functions and Program Structure Arrays Pointers Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers. Input and Output Structures, Unions, and Enumerated Types Introduction to Data Structures Advanced Topics Appendices ASCII and EBCDIC tables Summary of the C language Syntax diagrams of C Some C functions C and UNIX VAX-11 C Borland C++, and Microsoft C++ Changes from traditional C. Hints and Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises Index