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Animal cell culture and production of biologicals - proceedings of the third annual meeting of the japanese ass. for animal cell dec.11-13/90, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1991 Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, held in Kyoto, December 11-13, 1990

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Sasaki Ryuzo, Ikura Kouji

Couverture de l’ouvrage Animal cell culture and production of biologicals - proceedings of the third annual meeting of the japanese ass. for animal cell dec.11-13/90
In the past two decades, the importance of animal cell technology has increased enormously. First, useful proteins can be produced by cultured animal cells, in which the desired product can be modified and organized so as to retain its biological function. Second, studies of cultured cells can provide information needed to understand molecular mechanisms that govern what happens in tissues, organs, and even entire organisms. For this second purpose, biochemists and molecular biologists may need a large number of such cells. Third, cultured cells can be used instead of tissues and organs clinically. The Third Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT), at which participants from abroad were warmly welcomed, was held in Kyoto on December 11-13, 1990. It was organized around the idea of providing a place for the review of much new data on such applications of cultured cells and for exchanges of the views of the participants about progress in the field. This volume, divided into seven sections, contains the proceedings of the meeting. The first section reviews the molecular basis of the control of animal cell growth. In the following sections, physicochemical and biochemical factors for cell growth and production of biologicals, cell culture systems including serum-free culture, new cell lines, specific products and their characteristics, and in vitro assays for toxic, carcinogenic, and pharmacological effects are taken up in their tum.
I. Control of Animal Cell Growth.- Novel Specific Inhibitors for Analysis of Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Control.- II. New Cell Lines.- Transgenic Animals as a Source of Genetically-Engineered Trans-Immortalised Cell Lines.- CD8+ Suppressor T Cell Clone 13G2 Secretes a Suppressive Lymphokine, Immune Suppressive Factor-T (ISF-T).- Development, Availability and Characterization of ATCC Human and Animal Cell Lines.- III. Cell Culture System Including Serum-Free Culture.- Recent Advances in Animal Cell Biotechnology.- Critical Analysis of Process Development on in-Vitro Growth of Chick-Embryo.- Improved Method for Inoculation of a Cell Suspension into a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor.- Strategies to Increase the Efficiency of Membrane Aerated and Perfused Animal Cell Bioreactors by an Improved Medium Perfusion.- Cultivation of Hepatocytes in a New Entrapment Reactor: A Potential Bioartificial Liver.- Continuous Culture with Cell Precipitation for Recombinant Protein Production.- Elimination of Microorganisms from Cell Culture Medium Using Regenerated Cellulose Hollow Fiber (BMM).- Effects of Shear Stress on the Growth of Hybridoma Cells Cultivated in Serum-Free Medium Coupled with Ammonia Removing System.- GMP Production of Biopharmaceuticals Using High Density, Fluidized-Bed Cell Culture Technology.- Anchorage-Dependent Animal Cell Growth in Porous Microcarrier Culture.- Formation of Multicellular Aggregates of Adult Rat Hepatocytes.- Operation of an Air Lift Reactor for Production of Immunochemicals by Immobilized Hybridoma Cells.- Simulation of Growth of Hybridoma Cells Immobilized in Alginate Gel Beads Based on an Oxygen Limited Model.- High Density Suspension Culture of Insect Cells in a Stirred Bioreactor.- Media for Cultivation of Animal Cells: an Overview.- Characterization of a Human Derived Macrophage-Like Cell Line, U-M.- Mitogenic Activity from Fish Embryos and the Growth of Fish Blastocyst Cells in Culture.- Protein Factor Obtained from Rat Adipose Tissue Specifically Permits the Proliferation of 3T3-L1 and OB1771 Preadipocyte Cell Lines in a Completely Defined Serum-Free Medium.- Nutrient Optimization for the Production of Biologicals from Animal Cells Cultured at High Density.- Growth and Function of Bovine Granulosa Cells Cultured in a Serum-Free Medium.- IV. Physicochemical and Biochemical Factors for Cell Growth and Production of Biologicals.- Electrically Controlled Culture of MKN45 Cells in Serum-Free Medium.- Hybridoma Culture in the Hollow-Fiber System - the Effects of Growth Factors.- Effects of Growth Factors on Hybridoma Culture in the Perfusion System.- Studies on Physiological Aspect of In-Vitro Development of Chick-Embryo.- Pilot Scale Protein Production Using Inducible Gene Amplification.- Genetic Enhancement of Protein Productivity of Animal Cells by Oncogenes.- Immunoglobulin Production Stimulation by Various Types of Caseins.- Effect of Dilution Rate on the Metabolism and Product Formation of a Recombinant Mammalian Cell Line Growing in a Chemostat with Internal Recycle of Cells.- Immunoglobulin Production Stimulating Factors in Polysaccharides.- Production of Recombinant Protein C in a Perfusion Culture.- Optimization of Cell Culture Conditions for G-CSF (Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor) Production by Genetically Engineered Namalwa KJM-1 Cells.- Variation in the Ratios and Concentrations of Nucleotide Triphosphates and UDP-Sugars during a Perfused Batch Cultivation of Hybridoma Cells.- Proteolytic Activities in Serum-Free Supernatants of Mammalian Cell Lines.- Continuous Production of Erythropoietin Using a Radial Flow Bioreactor.- V. Specific Products and Their Characterization.- Effects of Autocrine Components on Growth Inhibition of NH4+ and on Growth Kinetics of Hybridoma Cells.- Glycosylation of Erythropoietin Receptor.- Effective Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies by Fast Flow Affinity Chromatography.- VI. In Vitro Assays for Toxic, Carcinogenic, and Pharmacological Effects.- Detection of Bovine Viruses by Monoclonal Antibodies.- Interaction between Human Lactoferrin and B Lymphocytes.- Comparison of Cytotoxicity Caused by Different Hydroperoxides.- Effects of Spinach on Growth of Human-Derived Normal and Cancer Cells.- Assay Systems Using Cultured Hepatocytes for Pharmacological and Nutritional Actions of Amino Acids and Related Compounds.- Preparation and Characteristics of Monoclonal Antibodies Reactive to Satsuma Dwarf Virus.- VII. Regulations and Guidelines for New Substances.- Relative Advantages of Continuous Versus Batch Processes.- Pre-Clinical Requirements for Biotechnology Derived Products.- Guidelines for Contamination Testing of Bioproducts.- Author Index.

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