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After Terror: Prompting Dialogue Among Civilizations Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Ahmed Akbar S., Forst Brian

Couverture de l’ouvrage After Terror: Prompting Dialogue Among Civilizations
Without ignoring the dangers of the modern world, it points to a future in which people can celebrate both the fundamental sentiments and interests that we share and the diversities that make us human.

Contributor Biographies in Brief.

Part I. Introduction.

1. Toward a More Civil Twenty first Century (Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst).

Part II. The Nature and Sources of the Problem.

2. The Simple Power of Weakness, the Complex Vulnerability of Power (Zbigniew Brzezinswki).

3. Dialogue and the Echo Boom of Terror: Religious Womens Voices after 9/11 (Diana L. Eck).

4. Closing Chapters of Enmity (Rajmohan Gandhi).

5. Benjamin Franklins Gift of Tolerance (Walter Isaacson).

6. Gods Word and World Politics (Archbishop Desmond Tutu).

Part III. Pathways to Dialogue and Understanding.

7. The Role of the Media in Promoting Tolerance (Shashi Tharoor).

8. Civilization, Human Rights, and Collective Responsibility (Sergio Vieira de Mello).

9. Endless Enemies or Human Security (Jody Williams).

10. Dialogue Among Civilizations and Cultures (President Seyed Mohammad Khatami).

11. Transnational Moral Dialogues (Amitai Etzioni).

12. In Other Peoples Shoes (Dame Marilyn Strathern).

13. A Universal Language, Without Boundary or Prejudice (Sir Ravi Shankar).

14. Dialogue Among Civilizations (Kofi Annan).

15. The Productive Airing of Grievances (Lord George Carey).

16. All of Mans Troubles (Edward O. Wilson).

17. Turning Enemies into Friends (Chief Rabbi Johnathan Sacks).

18. Security Thought Dialogue (Queen Noor of Jordan).

19. The Power of Dialogue: Redefining "US" (Tamara Sonn).

20. On Clash, Morality, Renaissance, and Dialogue (Judea Pearl).

21. The Just War Tradition and Cultural Dialogue (Jean Bethke Elshtain).

22. Celebrating Differences on our Melting Pot Planet (Prince El Hassan bin Talal).

Part IV. From Concern to Action.

23. Clash or Dialogue of Cultures (Bernard Lewis).

24. The Fellowship of Dialogue (James D. Wolfensohn).

25. Hard Power and Soft Power (Joseph S. Nye Jr.).

26. Global Governance in an Interdependent World (Benjamin R. Barber).

27. Getting to Peace: Awakening the Third Side (William L. Ury).

28. Risking Hospitality (Martin Marty).


Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst, both of the American University, Washington.

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Ouvrage de 160 p.

14.6x21.6 cm

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