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Aerothermodynamics in combustors (IUTAM symp, Taipei, 1991), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1992 IUTAM Symposium Taipei, Taiwan, 1991 Coll. IUTAM Symposia

Langue : Français

Coordonnateurs : Lee Richard S.L., Whitelaw James H., Wung T.S.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Aerothermodynamics in combustors (IUTAM symp, Taipei, 1991)
A Symposium on Aerothermodynamics of Combustors was held at the Institute of Applied Mechanics of the National Taiwan University from 3 to 5 June 1991 and was attended by 130 delegates from eight countries. The topics of the forty formal presentations included measurements and calculations of isothermal simulations and of combusting flows with one and two phases, and with consideration of configurations ranging from simple diffusion to gas-turbine flows. The discussions inside and outside of the Symposium Hall were lively and an open forum session demonstrated the range of opinions currently and strongly held. The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics initiated the Symposium under the chairmanship of Professor R S L Lee and with the Scientific Committee listed below. It benefited from sponsorship, again as listed below, and from contributors who presented interesting and up-to-date descriptions of their research. Invited lectures were delivered by Professors R Bilger and F Weinberg and set the scene in terms of quality of material and presentation.
I Invited Lectures.- Advanced Laser Diagnostics: Implications of Recent Results for Advanced Combustor Models.- Combustion Research for the 21st Century — Some Speculative Extrapolations.- II Experiments and Calculations of Combusting Flows.- Transition of Turbulent Premixed Flame Structure with Turbulence Reynolds Number and Damkohler Number.- Laser Velocity and Density Measurements of a Flat Counter Flow Diffusion Flame.- Investigation of a Combustion Zone Behind a Wedge.- The Influence of Swirl Generator Characteristics on Flow and Combustion in Turbulent Diffusion Flames.- Flame Diagnostics by Pure Rotational CARS.- Thermometry Inside a Swirling Turbulent Flame, CARS Advantages and Limitations.- A Unified Model of Mean Reaction Rate in Turbulent Premixed Flames.- A Simple Reaction Mechanism for Soot Formation in Non-Premixed Flames.- III Two Phase Flows.- Droplet Vaporization Law in Non-Dilute Sprays.- Experimental Investigation of the Reduction of Burning Rate Due to a Finite Spacing Between Droplets.- Blue Flame Combustion in a Jet-Mixing-Type Spray Combustor.- The Influence of Upstream Prevaporization on Flame Extinction of One-Dimensional Dilute Sprays.- IV Unsteady Flows.- Control of Oscillations in Ducted Premixed Flames.- Catalytic Ignition Model in a Monolithic Reactor with In-Depth Reaction.- Combustion of Heavy Fuel Oils in a Rijke Type Pulse Combustor with a Tangential Injection Stream.- Matching of Fuel Injection Equipment to Diesel Engines.- V Gas Turbine Combustors.- The Turbulence and Mixing Characteristics of the Complex Flow in a Simulated Augmentor.- Scalar Characteristics in a Liquid-Fuelled Combustor with Curved Exit Nozzle.- Structure of the Primary Region of a Model Gas Turbine Combustor.- Development of Gas Turbine Combustors for Low BTU Gas.- Measurements of Gas Composition and Temperature Inside a Can Type Model Combustor.- Numerical Model for Predictions of Reverse Flow Combustor Aerothermal Characteristics.

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