Advanced concepts in operating systems

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Operating systems have evolved substantially over the past two decades, and there is a need for a book which can explain major developments and changes in this dynamic field. This is such a book. Comprehensive, and useful as a text and reference, Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems lays down all the concepts and mechanisms involved in the design of advanced operating systems. The discussion is reinforced by many examples and cases

Part One: Process Synchronization 1 Overview 2 Synchronization Mechanisms 3 Process Deadlocks
Part Two: Distributed Operating Systems 4 Architectures of Distributed Systems 5 Theoretical Foundations 6 Distributed Mutual Exclusion 7 Distributed Deadlock Detection 8 Agreement Protocols
Part Three: Distributed Resource Management 9 Distributed File Systems 10 Distributed Share Memory 11 Distributed Scheduling
Part Four: Failure Recovery and Fault Tolerance 12 Recovery 13 Fault Tolerance
Part Five: Protection and Security 14 Resource Security and Protection Access and Flow Control 15 Data Security Cryptography
Part Six: Multiprocessor Operating Systems 16 Multiprocessor System Architectures 17 Multiprocessor Operating Systems
Part Seven: Database Operating Systems 18 Introduction to Database Operating Systems 19 Concurrency Control Theoretical Aspects 20 Concurrency Control