Adolescence with lifemap cd-rom and powerweb (10th ed )

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More undergraduate students continue to learn about the field of adolescent development from this text than from any other. Applauded by adopters as eloquently written and intelligently presented, this text bears John Santrock's trademark balance of accurate, current content and effective pedagogy. The tenth edition unveils a new organization and emphasizes current research as well as applications to the real lives of adolescents. A rich collection of media resources supports the text and brings to life the critical experiments and concepts in adolescent development.
Section 1: The Nature of Adolescent Development 1 Introduction 2 The Science of Adolescent Development Section 2: Biological and Cognitive Development 3 Puberty, Health, and Biological Foundations 4 Cognitive Development Section 3: Social, Emotional, and Personality Development 5 The Self and Identity 6 Gender 7 Sexuality 8 Moral Development, Values, and Religion Section 4: The Contexts of Adolescent Development 9 Families 10 Peers 11 Schools 12 Achievement, Careers, and Work 13 Culture Section 5: Adolescent Problems 14 Adolescent Problems Epilogue