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Addiction : From biology to policy, 2° ed. 2001 (2nd Ed.) From Biology to Drug Policy

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Addiction : From biology to policy, 2° ed. 2001
Drug addiction as a brain disease is this book's theme. Among the many volumes on drugs written for lay readers, it is unique in the breadth and depth of its coverage. In clear scientific terms-- with may striking examples from the author's experience as a scientist and clinician --it describes the nature of chemical addiction and addictive behavior, the seven families of addictive drugs, and the muddied effort to develop effective drug control policies and laws.
Preface to the First Edition, 1993, Preface to the Second Edition, 2000, 1: Introduction, Part One: Drugs and the Brain, 2: Neurotransmitters: The Brain's Own Drugs, 3: Receptors: Locks for the Addictive Keys, 4: Addictive Behaviour, 5: Pain and Pleasure, 6: The Seesaw Brain: "Highs" and Adaptations, 7: Are Addicts Born or Made?, Part Two: The Drugs and the Addicts, 8: Nicotine, 9: Alcohol and Related Drugs, 10: Heroin, Morphine, and Other Opiates, 11: Cocaine and Amphetamines, 12: Cannabis (Marijuana), 13: Caffeine, 14: Hallucinogens, Part Three: Drugs and Society, 15: Prevention: Just Say No?, 16: Treating Addiction, Preventing Relapse, 17: Three Lessons from the Street, 18: Three Lessons from Abroad, 19: Prohibition vs. Legalization - A False Dichotomy, 20: New Strategies for Rational Drug Policy, Suggestions for Further Reading, Index

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