Accounting fundamentals with student cd-rom (7th ed )

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Accounting Fundamentals is a text-kit that provides a brief but comprehensive introduction to accounting. It gives students a basic understanding of accounting principles and procedures used for recording, classifying, and summarizing financial data. Students also learn accounting terminology and are introduced to the financial forms, records, and statements used in the business world.
Principles of Accounting The Effect of Revenue and Expenses Asset, Liability, and Owner's Equity Accounts Revenue and Expense Accounts The Trial Balance Financial Statements Project 1 The General Journal The General Ledger The Worksheet and the Financial Statements Closing the Ledger Project 2 Introduction to Merchandising Businesses: Sales Introduction to Merchandising Businesses: Purchases Accounting for Purchases Accounting for Sales The Sales Journal The Purchases Journal The Cash Receipts Journal The Cash Payments Journal The Accounts Receivable Ledger The Accounts Payable Ledger Project 3 Worksheet Adjustments Cost of Goods Sold and Statements Adjusting and Closing the General Ledger Project 4 Banking Procedures Petty Cash and Other Special Cash Procedures Payroll Procedures The Combined Journal Practice Set Glossary of Terms Index