Accountancy for ca professional examination ii

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1. Accounting for Partnership Firms -- Fundamentals

2. Accounting for Partnership Firms -- Admission of a Partner

3. Accounting for Partnership Firms -- Retirement/Death of a Partner

4. Accounting for Partnership Firms -- Dissolution of a Firm

5. Accounting for Partnership Firms -- Insolvency,

Piecemeal Distribution, Amalgamation, and Sale

and Conversion

6. Insolvency Accounts of Non-corporate Entities

7. Accounting for Hire Purchase, Instalment Purchase and Leases

8. Accounting for Branches and Departments

9. Accounting from Incomplete Records

10. Investment Accounts

11. Contract Accounts

12. Agricultural Farm Accounting

13. Accounting for Share Capital

14. Redemption of Redeemable Preference Shares

15. Accounting for Debentures

16. Redemption of Debentures

17. Underwriting

18. Acquisition of Business and Profits Prior to Incorporation

19. Final Accounts of a Company

20. Amalgamation, Absorption and External Reconstruction

21. Internal Reconstruction

22. Final accounts of Banking Companies

23. Final Accounts of Life Insurance Companies

24. Final Accounts of General Insurance Companies

25. Final Accounts of Electricity Companies

26. Liquidation of Companies

27. Cash Flow Statement

28. Notes on Accounting Standards

Appendix I -- Important Distinctions

Appendix II -- Important Short Notes

Appendix III -- Important Descriptive Questions