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About these stories:fiction for fiction

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Illustrating their conviction that fiction-writing and fiction-reading are natural and mutually nourishing activities, the editors of ABOUT THESE STORIES: Fiction for Fiction Writers and Readers, have compiled a text of 18-24 short stories, many contemporary designed for creative writing or introduction to fiction courses. Each story is followed by an essay from one of the editors, suggesting approaches to reading, seeing structure and technique, and interpreting the work. As the editors point out, the stories included embody useful answers to questions important to writers, concerning plot, point of view, characterization, and atmosphere. They illustrate methods of dealing with fictional material that students can learn from and draw on for their own creative or interpretive work. The essays are natural responses to the stories they accompany, and will inspire story writers to write more stories and story readers to have their say in writing about these stories.
Introduction: Fiction for Fiction Writers and Readers. Anton Chekhov, "A Dead Body" "Chekhov's Transmutation of Raw Material," (Shepherd) Joao Guimaraes Rosa, "The Third Bank of the River" "The What If Story," (Orth) Franz Kafka, "A Hunger Artist" "An Interview with A Hunger Artist," (Huddle) Louise Erdrich, "Fleur" "Fantasy and Violence," (Shepherd) James Joyce, "Eveline" "Conflict and Plot," (Orth) James Alan McPherson, "The Story of a Dead Man" "Symmetry and Subversion," (Huddle) Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Wakefield" Point of View," (Shepherd) Toni Cade Bambara, "My Man Bovanne" "Character, Politics, and Phrasing," (Huddle) Raymond Carver, "So Much Water So Close to Home" (short version) "Inference and Information," (Orth) Raymond Carver, "So Much Water So Close to Home" (long version) "More Information" (Orth) Julia Alvarez, "The Kiss" "Ordering the Family Confusion," (Huddle) Yukio Mishima, "Swaddling Clothes" "The Importance of Where," (Orth) Lynn Sharon Schwartz, "What I Did for Love" "The Uses of Time," (Orth) Katherine Mansfield, "The Garden Party" "The Finely Shaded Prose," (Huddle) Barry Hannah, "Love Too Long" "Outrage," (Shepherd) Reynolds Price, "A Chain of Love" "Doing Goodness: Issues of Sentiment and Sentimentality," (Shepherd) Benjamin D. Carlisle (student writer)"In the Woods" "The Music of Detail: Creating a Character's Perception" (Maria Hummel, Student Writer) David Huddle, "Little Sawtooth" "Try, Try Again: Evolution and Construction," (Huddle) "Alas, Poor Hammett! " (Shepherd) Ghita Orth, "Handling Charges" "The Poem That Got Away," (Orth) "Handling the Bad News," (Huddle) Allen Shepherd, "Lightning" "Getting It Almost Right," (Shepherd) "Trusting the Tale," (Orth) Glossary Acknowledgments Index

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