Aacn essentials of critical care nursing (2nd ed )

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Chapter 1. Assessment Of Critically Ill Patients And Families

Chapter 2. Planning Care For Critically Ill Patients And Families

Chapter 3. Interpretation And Management Of Basic Cardiac Rhythms

Chapter 4. Hemodynamic Monitoring

Chapter 5. Airway And Ventilatory Management

Chapter 6. Pain, Sedation, And Neuromuscular Blockade Management

Chapter 7. Pharmacology

Chapter 8. Ethical And Legal Considerations

Chapter 9. Cardiovascular System

Chapter 10. Respiratory System

Chapter 11. Multisystem Problems

Chapter 12. Neurologic System

Chapter 13. Hematology And Immunology Systems

Chapter 14. Gastrointestinal System

Chapter 15. Renal System

Chapter 16. Endocrine System

Chapter 17. Trauma Chapter 18. Advanced ECG Concepts

Chapter 19. Advanced Cardiovascular Concepts

Chapter 20. Advanced Respiratory Concepts

Chapter 21. Advanced Neurologic Concepts

Chapter 22. Normal Value Tables

Chapter 23. Pharmacology Tables

Chapter 24. Advanced Cardiac Life Support Algorithms

Chapter 25. Guidelines for the Transfer of Critically Ill Patients

Chapter 26. Hemodynamic Monitoring Troubleshooting Guide

Chapter 27. Ventilatory Troubleshooting Guide

Chapter 28. Cardiac Rhythms, ECG Characteristics and Treatment Guide