A child's world, 9/e

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This chronologically organized text, designed for the mainstream Child Development course, continues to showcase the author team's trademark of clear, accessible writing. The newly streamlined Ninth edition introduces a new pedagogical learning system, making the text even more valuable and easy-to-use for students. Applauded by adopters for its combination of research coverage with applications and real-life examples, the text continues to include superior coverage of cross-cultural and social policy topics.

Part 1 Entering a Child's World 1 Studying a Child's World 2 A Child's World: How We Discover It
Part 2 Beginnings 3 Forming a New Life: Conception, Heredity, and Environment 4 Pregnancy and Prenatal Development 5 Birth and the Newborn Baby
Part 3 Infancy and Toddlerhood 6 Physical Development and Health During the First Three Years 7 Cognitive Development During the First Three Years 8 Psychosocial Development During the First Three Years
Part 4 Early Childhood 9 Physical Development And Health in Early Childhood 10 Cognitive Development in Early Childhood 11 Psychosocial Development in Early Childhood
Part 5 Middle Childhood 12 Physical Development and Health in Middle Childhood 13 Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood 14 Psychosocial Development in Middle Childhood
Part 6 Adolescence 15 Physical Development and Health in Adolescence 16 Cognitive Development in Adolescence 17 Psychosocial Development in Adolescence