25 adventure simulations for team building

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Thème de 25 adventure simulations for team building

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This is the first one-volume collection of adventure-based team-building simulations, a very popular training category. It features: freely reproducible, simulation activities packages, ideal blend of 10 adventure-based survival scenarios and 15 business-based scenarios, full-text floppy disk makes it easy for trainers to customize the activities. Consensus building simulations are a very basic team building/icebreaker tool for facilitators, hundreds of thousands of copies have been sold by various training publishers such as Pfeiffer, HRDQ, Aviat, and Human Synergistics.*Until now, consensus building simulations always required the facilitator to buy one copy of the booklet describing the simulation for each participant.*In addition, facilitators often have to pay for a separate guide for themselves.*This book offers 25 consensus building simulations for one price, and you never have to pay for separate participant guides or facilitator guides.*