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Nutraceuticals and Natural Product Pharmaceuticals

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Galanakis Charis M.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Nutraceuticals and Natural Product Pharmaceuticals

As today?s food chemists, nutritionists and pharmacologists develop new products that have health effects for both the prevention and treatment of disease, there is a greater need for a reference that connects the research of these two oft-siloed industries.

Written for a scientific audience, Nutraceuticals and Natural Product Pharmaceuticals analyzes nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research published over the last decade, paying particular attention to applications and recovery effects. The book serves as an integral resource in understanding that, although the use of drugs discovered from natural sources and nutritional supplements is often used for treatment, not prevention, there is great need for both nutritionists and pharmacologists to understand how these drugs can benefit human health.

Nutraceuticals and Natural Product Pharmaceuticals explores the trending topics related to nutraceuticals and natural product pharmaceuticals and places particular emphasis on innovative sources, bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, translating novel pathways and mechanisms of action into their clinical use, personalized nutrition and natural product medicine, the convergence between nutraceuticals and western medicine, interactions between drugs, nutrients, the microbiome and lifestyles, industrial applications and commercialization, metabolomics, and nano-delivery systems and function.Nutritionists and pharmacists working with natural products, food scientists and nutrition researchers working with food applications as well as those who are interested in the development of innovative products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and functional foods are sure to benefit from this resource which is intended to support the current industrial applications of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals as well as those that are yet to be developed.

  • Connects research of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Promotes further communication and cooperation between pharmacologists and nutritionists by analyzing nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research in particular applications and recovery efforts, in spite of bioresources and food waste valorization
  • Explores the health effects of target compounds and the development of applications in both sectors

1. Introduction to nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals 2. Nutrigenomics and antioxidants 3. How plant secondary metabolites impact human health 4. Nutraceuticals and metabolic syndrome 5. Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of natural products 6. Epigenetics and personalized nutrition 7. Innovative sources 8. Production of natural products with pharmaceutical potential 9. Food matrices that improve the oral bioavailability of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals 10. From nutraceuticals to nanopharmaceuticals 11. Reorientation of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals applications in an open innovation model 12. Convergence between nutraceuticals and western medicine 13. Ethno-pharmaceutical formulations 14. Effects of nutritional supplements on human health

New product developers working in human nutrition and food, new product developers working in the pharmaceutical industry, nutritionists, pharmacists, medical doctors, food scientists, food technologists, food chemists, biochemists, researchers, academics and professionals working in the nutraceutical and food industries. This book could also be of use to post-graduate students studying food chemistry, food science and technology, or pharmacognosy.

Dr. Galanakis is an interdisciplinary scientist with experience in food and environmental science and technology, innovation and sustainability, industry and academia. He has established the "Food Waste Recovery" term and discipline with an ultimate goal to inspire related professionals to extract high added-value compounds from wasted by-products in all stages of food production (from agriculture to the consumer) and re-utilize them in the food chain. He is the R&I director of Galanakis Laboratories (Chania, Greece) and coordinator of Food Waste Recovery Group (SIG5) of ISEKI Food Association (Vienna, Austria), whereas he serves as an expert evaluator/monitor of international and regional funded programs and proposals (Horizon 2020 etc). He is an editorial board member and subject editor of Food and Bioproducts Processing and Food Research International. He has published numerous research articles, reviews, monographs, book chapters, conference proceedings and edited books (full book portfolio can be found at

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